Thursday, September 11, 2008

How An Architect Spends His Saturday

Honey?  Clay?  CLAY!!  Stop chasing the cow!  sigh.....When you're done running in the soybeans with the cow, do you think you could finish cleaning up that building mess?  Clay?  Clay?  CLAY!!!!


Kathy the Receptionist said...

I also noticed your burning bin next to your clothesline and I remembered your "smelly clothes incident". Oh the joys of living in the country.

Sharon said...

It's stressful being an architect! Running through the soybeans with a cow is probably the perfect stress reliever.

Or he is making some weird crop design.

lmerie said...

Years ago in a previous life I had two cows. One was like a 2000 lb puppy lab, and 2000lb. Scared the stew out of me when I would go in the fence for whatever reason, I just new I was going to get stampeded by her. She managed to escape her pasture one day and my then husband was no where around to help round up the huge puppy of a cow - and I had a three month old. The three month old in his papoose and I on a four wheeler rounded up that cow - it was quite a site!!

This picture is fun . . . awe I miss the co . . . no I miss the country, not the cow! hehe

cndymkr / jean said...

Are you sure he is chasing the cow and not running away?