Tuesday, September 09, 2008

FOOD NEWS: A Conversation with

Watch the part where they are making corn syrup in the kitchen.


Erin said...

My oldest brother's wife... her younger brother is a chemist who works at a factory up in Minnesota cooking up this stuff!
Erin from Iowa

Anonymous said...

So, is this why I have finally had Lap Band Surgery?

Rhea said...

Nice. I like the heavy duty gloves and safety goggles...we eat that stuff?!!

Kristin said...

That's just sick. I can't believe there is battery acid in my bread! Have you seen the commercials lately telling us how "High Fructose Corn Syrup has the same number of calories as sugar and is less expensive"? What a load of BS.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what your opinion of this film is, the bottom line is that once again the American farmer will be made out to look like a bunch of money hungry, anti-environmental schmucks. As a farmwife I can tell you that this is so far from reality. We work our butts off to provide a meager living for ourselves and try to do things the right way. The newest vehicle we drive is a 1997 Chevy, our house hasn't had a single thing updated to it since 1980, and there are months when we don't know how we are going to pay our utility bills. We choose to live this life because it is a good, honest life, a farm is a good place to raise our kids, and we love it here. Films like this anger me because, as I said above, it makes us look like the bad guy.


april said...


I really appreciate your comment and I hope you watch this movie. One of the reasons I respect the makers of this film was because they never blamed the farmers. They interviewed them and talked to them about how the industry has changed over the years. The farmers actually made fun of those college boys because of their lack of knowledge of the soil and farming techniques.

I came away from this film disgusted with the consumer in America....that would be me. We want our food cheap.

My grandpa was a farmer and the majority of kids I grew up with were from farm families. I never thought of the farmer as money hungry or anti-environmental schmucks.

We need to find a new respect and admiration for our farmers so we can get back to making and planting real food for consumption.

Anonymous said...

I didn't coome away with the idea that the FARMERS are at fault. It is the food industry and, IMHO, the consumer, who are at fault. If we, the consumers, do not demand better food and stop buying all this garbage, then nothing will change. HFCS is in everything.....including toothpaste????who knew? I read every label and if it's in there, I put it back on the shelf. thanks for posting this.