Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Where's The Clicker? Where's The Baby?

How long has it been since we used our VCR? Long enough for the T.V. remote to have been camping out in there for the past month.

And that brings me to Levi (if you rearrange the letters in his name it spells Evil).

Yesterday, I put my sweet little dumpling down for his morning nap. The cleaning ladies were here and they were talking to him while they finished up in his room, it was such a cute scene, the baby looking on being entertained by someone bustling around the room dusting and vacuuming (something he is not accustomed to seeing from the people he lives with). They exited the room and he made sure we all knew how disappointed he was with missing the rest of the cleaning show. Then he lulled himself to sleep and all was quiet and peaceful, my darling was sleeping like an angel. Which makes this next part very scary and creepy. Moments later as I was working at my desk one of the cleaning ladies said, "Oh, hello? Are you done with your nap?". Standing in the hallway was a baby that looked just like Levi! He was a happy enough little fellow, but seemed a bit confused about where he was. "What have you done with my son, you Evil apparition?" I said to the tiny figure. He looked at me, his eyes giving a sulfurous glow, then toddled into the kitchen and opened the pantry retrieving the Cherrios box and handing it to me.

Where did my baby go? Who is the tiny creature crawling out of bed, opening doors and requesting food? This new little creature refuses to let me feed him, he requires a spoon in one hand and a fork in the other. He uses his hair as a napkin. He vehemently refuses to learn how to hold a sippy cup up to take a drink, but loves to scream and hurl the sippy cup at me when I don't respond quick enough to hold the cup for him. He slowly and methodically flops down on the ground when his needs are not met and then rolls about grunting until someone rescues him from his agony. He arches his back and pushes me away when I try to give his little devil face a kiss. He lunges, pushes, grunts, screams and performs the "straight body slip" when I try to carry him in from playing outside.

This is what my life has become. A tragedy, the loss of my tiny, sweet angelic baby now trapped inside the body of a, dare I say it.....toddler!

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