Monday, March 13, 2006

Plastic versus Boy

The little tiny tot-tot woke up bright eyed at 6:00 this morning. He did a quick snuggle in bed then slid down and went to the kitchen where he proceeded to scream and push his high chair around. I'm assuming he was saying, "Who the hell moved the cereal boxes too high in the pantry for me to reach!!! Maybe if I move my high chair over there I can reach them!" Well, his plan obviously failed because a moment later he was running back to my room, but refused to come over to the bed, instead he peeked half his face around the corner and yelled at me. When his tactic didn't motivate me to move he flopped on his back and wailed some more. When Levi is hungry there is no diversion from his immediate need.

Levi's new trick for today was to learn how to climb up onto the changing table. He got high marks from Isaac, "Look Mommy, Levi climbed up on the changing table all by his self!!"

After tormenting me since 7:00 this morning to play computer games or watch Harry Potter, Isaac asked,"Mom, can I go to sleep?" What mother in her right mind would say no? Yeah, that mother would be me. So then he says, "But if your not going to let me play a game or watch a movie then I should just go take a night night nap." So he did, unbeknownst to me, he tucked himself in his bed and fell asleep. Sweet little thing that he is.

I sent Seth to retrieve his baby brother from the changing table (you know, because it's his new trick). Seconds later Isaac comes running to tell me the baby is hurt. Great Googley Moogley! Now, I expected to see blood, broken bones, mangled baby body. But instead I see the laundry basket that my grandmother gave me when I was a senior in high school, it's very hard plastic not bendable in the least which is why it has lasted so long....that is until my sturdy nine year old tripped and fell on it while attempting to catch his baby brother leaping off the changing table and then hurling the baby head first into the foot board of my bed. The scene was broken white plastic bits strewn on the carpet and big brother cradling the baby and rubbing his leg. I put that baby to bed with a big welt on his head, made sure Seth was okay and then I mourned the destruction of my laundry basket.


Jessie said...

Is Levi really two? I still think about you being the first person that I met at church in the nursery, with my little 18 month old!

april said...

No that baby just acts like he's two, he's 17 months. Lord have mercy. I remeber that day in the nursery too, surprised you were willing to leave such a precious item with the likes of me! That little girl was so cute, still is.