Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Say What?

These are some sayings I love.

Your hurting my earballs by Clay or April (we're basically the same person)

Funkadelic- first heard from friend Ra-honda in h.s.

I hurt my tenders (fingers) by little Ellen

Pen-yan-yo, Isaac saying piano

Dinahorsey (dinosaur) by little Ellen

All I'm getting is mohawk slim. by Clay after April explained the dishwasher is clean with a mouthful of food

Little Stinky Monkey Head by Rechelle and adopted by Phillips family to affectionately describe little baby boys.

Is that puke?! Is that Puke?! Oh, it's just a graham cracker. by April pointing at a soggy graham cracker on the bathroom floor.

Where's the Baby Head? by Clay and April referring to newborn Levi, it was his nickname for quite a while.

Ennie, Isaacs first name for Ellen

Noooooooo Caaaaaake?!!! by Mamma when April announced she didn't make a cake for Clay's birthday (I never made that mistake again).

Oh, stompy stompy! by Mamma watching the late night country line dance show.

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