Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bitter Eyeball Suckers

Clay said I sounded bitter in may last post. Melanie thinks I'm premenstral. Well, the honest truth is...I'm just critical. Which is precisely why I should have my own column in "The Current" berating restaurants in my area. Oh, I also think I would just say whatever the heck I feel....right that's what my blog is for. Now, join the critiquing dahlings it's all I have to live for.

Last night we were all craving something sweet (the we is really Clay and I). Isaac was still stirring his "noodle surprise" trying not to gag on the millimeter bites he was taking. I said, "Hey, how about angel food cake, bananas, strawberries, whip cream, chocolate sauce and nuts?" Clay, of course, was in agreement and Isaac piped up with, "Yeah, and how bout Eyeball Suckers?"

Eyeball suckers indeed.


melanie said...

Speaking of the local paper—Did you happen to see our little Jacob Wow in the current "Current"?

Isaac is such a hoot!

melanie said...

Fresh pineapple on angel food cake is good too. It's Bryan's new favorite since he can eat it and not break his diet. Yum!