Monday, March 20, 2006

MOTY Award Reshelved

If you ever see my children aimlessly wandering in circles with their tongues lolling out of their mouths, this is why...

Things my children try to process nearly everyday:

"Go practice your piano.....Stop it! Stop playing the piano!"

"Get your socks on. NO! Don't put socks on just get your stinkin' shoes and get in the van!"

"Get your books out and sit down, but first clean up this room, but first get dressed and go get the mail, have you brushed your teeth?"

How I got this way:

1. I tell my children to practice their piano lessons, but they tend to only want to practice when I'm listening to music, watching the news or the baby has just fallen asleep. They also like to turn on music, the television and practice piano simutaneously* causing their mom to have small explosive bursts of ranting and raving.

2. Socks are all over my house, there is a small gray pair by my feet right at this moment...however, the small child that just exited out the door to play could not find a pair to save his life so he is sporting his boots commando style. We have this same dilemma with shoes, toothbrushes, and library books. My children have some sort of selective eyesight.

3. They gang up on me when no one is looking. At this very moment my sweet 17 month old is taking all the peanuts I've been handing him for the last 10 minutes and spitting them behind my chair onto the floor. (Note to self: yell at older kids to clean up the baby's mess right as they walk in the door, don't forget to have them unload dishwasher, get laundry and take off their shoes all while singing 'Jesus Take The Wheel').

*the spell check for simutaneously is smuttiness....hmmm.

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melanie said...

Oh April, you are just too funny!