Monday, March 27, 2006

That's a capital I in Idiot!

Sooooo, while my neighbors are basking in the sun in Florida my children and I watched over their dog, cats, flock of chickens, a cow, a llama and a crippled goat. I admit that I love this task. I don't always participate in the entire week of caring for them, but the kids love the chores and I love the chores....I was meant to be on a farm in Kansas, with a hundred head of cattle and chickens running loose on my front yard, watching the wheat grow across the dirt road....oh, sorry got a little far away there for a second.

Anyway, I noticed early in the week that my neighbors had left the garage door open. One time they accidentally locked the dog in the garage for a couple days when they left town. We heard him whimpering and managed to open a window and pull him out, so I thought maybe this was a precautionary measure. They never leave that door open, it was really bugging me. Thursday, I finally decided to go see if the door in the garage was locked and then I would be satisfied that they meant to leave it open and if not I would be the kind and courteous neighbor to shut the garage door. As I walked through the garage I already felt I was crossing a line, but I just couldn't leave it alone. I reached for the handle of the door and it opened. A lovely female computer voice said, "Please stop! Please STOP!" and then the sirens started. I was caught! I shut the door, pressed the button for the garage door, hopped over the laser beam on the bottom of the threshold and dived into the actually I climbed back over the fence and scurried home trying to look like I didn't do anything. I confessed to my husband what I did and made a few phone calls to my neighbor's relatives hoping they would know a code or something so I wouldn't have to make 'the call' to my neighbors to admit I'm a meddling woman that can't leave well enough alone. I did have to call them, and it all turned out okay. But in hindsight if I was so concerned about someone breaking in, why would I wait six days to do something about it, well the answer is because I'm an Idiot!

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