Saturday, February 25, 2006

Silky Bowling Balls

We went bowling last night with my *beautiful, talented, organized, brilliant friend Deborah and her family. Ellen had a friend spending the night so with both families there were 15 of us. It was a fun evening and I only smelled a bit like a smoky bar when I got home.

However, today my entire right side hurts because I had to throw a 13 pound bowling ball to fit my mammoth thumb into the hole. Being a **tall woman does not mean that your height is in proportion to your strength, although I want my husband and others to think that I am an incredibly strong and able bodied person. My husband embraces my strength especially at my weakest moments like; making me move a ***Phillips Sized couch when I am eight months pregnant, help re-roof the house when I'm nine months pregnant or pack and move as much as possible seven weeks post c-section. Then, when I think I'm strong and able to conquer the world he says things like; "Honey, leave that bag of leaves, I'll get it for you." or "Here, let me take your purse while your holding those 25 bags of groceries."

So, because I'm so **tall I have to use a man sized bowling ball and now I will pay the price for a few days because I'm not so strong after all.

Now speaking of bowling balls, the wedging of bulbous, blonde silky heads between my shoulder blades in the morning does not help aid with the recovery of sore muscles. There are too many blonde heads wedged in the bed!

* description requested by Deborah who wishes to be mentioned in my blog, but does not read it

**preferred description for people of my stature to other more accurate descriptions such as big, large or enormous

***refers to the need of a "tall" person to fit items to body type especially with the last name of Phillips


becky said...

there is a girl in my class at school who reminds me of you. she is tall and blond and so funny. i replied to you on annies page. =) love ya. have you been watching survivor...amazng race starts tuesday and apprentice on monday!! fun huh
becky =)

Becky Meyers said...

btw, when you get your links back up, put my webpage up... =) thanks love ya

Joanie said...

So what does it take to be mentioned on your blog April? Does one have to embarass oneself, play piano, teach school, have red hair, write with his or her left hand, have grandchildren, love to travel, pay you real money? Just what does it take? I have an inquiring mind--I want to know.


april said...

Joanie, I think taking me to Hawaii would get you mentioned. Hahahahahahahahaha! Hmph!