Sunday, February 12, 2006

Boxie Feet

Levi's feet are soft little boxes.

Ellen and I spent the afternoon shopping for nothing. She is beautiful, calm, sweet. I love the way she is growing up. She is the girl I always wanted to be. She's confident about her looks, she doesn't care that much about clothes (although that's changing a bit). She's smart and tries really hard until she accomplishes a piano, she loves to play, I hated it. I love that. The best thing about Ellen is how much she loves her family. I've never seen a bond between siblings like Ellen has with Seth. I hope that doesn't change and I pray for a similar bond between Isaac and Levi.

Seth made his first goal in a basketball game today. No, I didn't see it.

Isaac makes me tell him stories about funny things like a monster that lives in the basement with the name Door. I start every story the same way..."Once upon a time there was a little boy named Isaac..." But on this occasion he stopped me and said, "No, no Door!" "You want me to call the little boy Door?" I question. "Yeah!" came his response. "Okay, once upon a time there was a little boy named Door...." "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Door!" and then we both commenced to laughing hysterically.

Remember that time I said this blog was all about me and I wasn't going to write about the Fabulous 4? Weak moment of gushing pride.


Melanie said...

Ok, I have to gush about Ellen too. She is the sweetest young lady!! After seeing all those adorable gifts she made/bought for Isabelle's 3rd birthday, I almost get teary eyed myself as to how much she loves and cares for other people. I can only hope that my little girl will turn into such a fine young lady when she gets older. Hopefully Ellen will live close enough to continue to set such a good example. (Please start building.)

april said...

Thanks Melanie