Wednesday, February 15, 2006

...because he loves me

Because my husband loves me....
1. He gave me Alison Kraus & Unions Station Live and put it on my ipod.
2. He continues to let me have a cleaning service come every week, even though we shouldn't be shelling out that kind of dough.
3. He gets excited about all my new adventures: chickens, music, books, gardens, design ideas, writing a blog, organizing the house, and on and on and on.
4. He tells me, "You were the prettiest girl there", in a crowd of undeniably beautiful women.
5. When I'm pregnant, fat, swollen, zit faced, lumpy butt, greasy haired, morning breath he still desires me.
6. He laughs at all my jokes and makes fun of me in hysterical ways that make me laugh so hard I cry.
7. Sings along in his best opera voice to my made up songs.
8. Cleans up after dinner.
9. Stays up late to watch a movie with me when he's dog tired.
10. Calls me from work to just say, "Hi".

This list could go on for hundreds of points, but these are the ones I feel like sharing. I'm a very blessed woman to have this man.

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