Monday, October 01, 2007

Recap of a crazy woman's life...

Ellen is now 14!!! We took a four headed picture in front of this alley mural downtown. It's life imitating art, I know I'm brilliant.

I wish I had more time to post some good stories, but it's hard to type while I'm holding up the dining room wall with one hand. You see, last night as I was ripping down the wallpaper I discovered a pretty major termite infestation. Now I'm certain I have little crawly termites all over my body and especially in my bed, but I'm not paranoid, honestly I'm calm and rational and I'm surrounded by small slimy creatures, they're all over me and my house!!!! What's that? Did you see that? Is that a bug? ARHGGGG!

And to give you a little background about where my craziness originates, check this out. Some of you know a weee bit about this sordid detail of my past, but you never had any actual proof. Well, this should spell it out nicely.

ps. I'll understand if you can never look at me the same again.


Angie B. said...

Great picture! Sorry about the termites. Try to ignore that tickly feeling going up your leg--I'm sure it's nothing.

Debbie said...

I went over to your old house today and was very impressed with how well you cleaned before you left...Thanks

btw...chicken April is behaving-actually cowering in the coop from embarrassment from her bad feather doo.

Anonymous said...

I'm the same way with bugs! I got a bag of Masa Harina from the store a few weeks ago and discovered it had weevils in it. I spent two days trying to get the creepy crawly feeling out of my head! Ick!

lori shaffer said...

Did all the competent pre-purchase house inspectors get blown into MO by those western Kansas winds?

I'm so sorry...what a mess!!