Monday, October 08, 2007

I left my husband cont......

this is the rest of the story.....

Thoroughly humiliated yet safe within my house I began thinking about my poor lost and destroyed camera.  What dummy puts a camera on the roof of a vehicle? It brought back an old childhood memory (insert wavy, dream-like music). My mom was searching for her camera. She was ranting and raving about it being on the counter just moments before, 
"Where is it? Who took it? Girls!! Girls! Where's my camera?"
 She still had photos in it from our trip to Egypt and was eager to get them developed. Where was it?
 "Girls? Somebody moved it. Who moved the camera?"
My chore for that day was to take out all the garbage to the barrels that we used to burn our trash. Being a very obedient child, I took every trash bag I found out to the barrels where my father immediately set fire to the heap. 
"Girls it was right here on the counter in a black plastic bag. Who moved it?" 
Gulp. "Mom, did you say black plastic bag? Like a black trash bag plastic bag?" I was looking at my mom and she instantly knew what I had done. 
"Did you throw it away?" 
"Yes, I'm so sorry, Mom, I didn't know. I thought it was trash."  
Oh, the agony the utter despair. Mom was so disappointed, I felt so terrible.  I went to my peach and green floral room and flopped on my bed.  I cried and between sobs I prayed a very childish prayer, "God, please bring the camera back, let Mom find it somewhere, please don't let it be melting in the trash barrel....amen."  
A few moments later I head Mom squealing, "I found it, I found it!  The camera was right here!  April you can stop crying now because I FOUND THE CAMERA!"  
Well, of course she found it, that's what I prayed for.  I thanked God and went about my day.

Now, standing in my kitchen looking out at the van thinking of that moment so long ago I said the same prayer, "God, please let me find my cam.....what the heck is that?"  I squinted my eyes, there was something wedged in front of the luggage rack.  Is that, could it be?  Oh.  My. GOD!!!  That's my camera!!!!  Forgetting about my modesty issues just moments before I ran out to the van in my pajama pants, t-shirt, no shoes and no bra.  I stretched my arm across the roof of the van and rescued my camera.  "Hey, kids!  I found the camera!!"  
After spending an entire night and morning riding around on the top of the van it was cold but completely unharmed.  

So I hopped back in the I didn't.  No, I didn't get in the van and drive down the road to retrieve Clay.  I left him out there to walk and feel guilty, to suffer.   I went back in the house, ate breakfast, took a cup of coffee out to the porch and waited for him to appear walking down the lane.  
"I didn't find it." he said coming up to the porch.  
 I stood on the porch posed with the camera gently resting in the palm of my hand.  
 "On top of the van." I said with sarcastic smugness
 "You know," he stated matter of fact, "I wasn't so sad to loose the camera as I was to loose all those great photos I took of the corn harvest, but I didn't really want to go buy a new camera today either."   And I replied, "You're never allowed to touch my camera again, ever." 


Lori Shaffer said...

Hilarious! Thanks for the laughs.

Enjoy your day.

Abby said...

so glad you found it! isn't it great to know that even prayers like that are heard and answered? I love that the God of the Universe cares about the littlest parts of our life. I am reminded of what one pastor said about Jesus' first miracle- that it was, at least in part, God showing that he cared about something as small as a newly wed couple being embarrassed that they ran out of wine at their wedding. said...


Glad the night dew or whatever didn't harm it.

Men. So dumb...and cute.

Vonda said...

You are too funny. I love how you left Clay out waling to feel the guilt a little more...maybe I am kind of mean but it sure would make me feel better too.

Vonda said...

Man my fingers just can't spell. I meant walking not waling. But that too! heh heh

Inkling said...

Shew. Now that's a much nicer ending. As much as I wish I could have that same ending with our honeymoon photos, I'm kind of glad for a really good excuse to spend the money to go back to Hawaii. =)

Muddy Mama said...

You found it! Hurray! Oh, I'm so glad for you.

april said...

Inkling-I'm so sorry about your photos! You so deserve that trip to Hawaii, I really hope you get it..again...someday.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you made him suffer. LOL If he'd not been the one to lecture you time and again, it would have been a much different story. LOL

stewfive said...

I'm a little late with this comment...about a month ago, my sister-in-law helped her parents pack and return from a vacation. She put her Dad's clothes in a white trash bag that arrived at her house with all the rest of the stuff. As she ran out the door the next morning, she asked her daughter to put the trash out. She did. I can't imagine why my sister-in-law refused to search the LANDFILL :)! Her Dad bought new clothes.

Michelle said...

I am so disappointed. I thought for sure you would get a "sexy" whistle from someone seeing you running around in your jammies.

Glad you got your camera back!

NEMRAC said...

LIRPA!! Welcome back! I have to admit, I've been secretly checking your blog from time to time, just waiting for the move and unpacking to be final before I surfaced. Didn't want to get sucked into having help....

Two things:
First, the image of Martha standing in the kitchen yelling "Where's my camera?" conjures up memories of the whole unfortunate grater incident.

Secondly, I can totally empathize with the auto-pilot throwing away of trash. Charlie was running a work football pool, and had all the CASH for the entire pool in a dumb Kinko's sack that was just sitting on the kitchen counter. So guess where that dumb Kinko's sack went? Yep--the trash! Of course, he didn't think to look for it until AFTER trash day. He'll never let me forget. Glad you had a happier ending...

april said...


Are you going to reveal yourself here? People know about you here, they have even asked for me to right more Carmen now I'll have to!