Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Children in the Corn

We were eating birthday cake out on the porch when what to our wondering eyes should we spy?

Goodness it took our breath away! All conversation halted.

It was a beastly sounding rumble and the machine demanded our full attention.
Clay grabbed the camera out of my hand and ran towards the action. He's never been so close to a harvest in progress.
He bobbed and weaved and ordered children into the shaved rows to take photos of this historic moment in his life.
We gazed in awe of the capability of that machine.
We took a family portrait.

Then Seth fell over while Ike stared dumbfounded, it was too much beastly machine to take for an eleven year old boy.


Jean said...

Best. Post. Ever!

Rechelle said...

That family portrait is awesome - you need to get it framed. Calder is keeling over in pain and agony that Ellen has a cell phone and he doesn't.

Lori Shaffer said...

Love the family portrait...too clever!

lori said...

yes, you need to get that family portrait framed...right after you submit it for publication! awesome. um, your little guy's got some tough tootsies running around on that newly harvested corn...OUCH! my city-girl feet are cringing right now.

lori said...

oh, btw, i have porch envy. BIG porch envy. that is a gorgeous porch!

mary said...

We have a big cornfield behind our house too and the kids LOVE to watch! I am forewarning ya though; this is the time of year the mice come in. be ready!! ( I have mice, can you tell?)

mary said...

Sorry, 5 kids going nuts here, I dont have mice, I HATE MICE LOL