Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Upstate Solves My Couch Problem

I want to thank all of you for your help and suggestions. Just when I was ready to give up all hope of ever sitting on a comfortable and pretty piece of furniture, I found the sofa of my deepest desires. It was indeed at Room and Board. I Love Upstate, you are now my official interior design go-to person. I....I....I love you!

Clay, who as you all probably know is very persnickety about anything design related, loves the sofa I found. He was so happy that he rendered our front room in Archicad to make certain the sofa would fit with the other pieces we want to put in there. Having an architect for a husband does have its perks, ya know?
Okay, so if you think you know me so well that you can go visit the sight and instantly pick out my sofa, then go try and come back and tell me. I'll let you know tomorrow. I know, dumb game, but I got nothin' else.

Hint- It's long....and you can lay on it.


cndymkr said...

What a great site. I've signed up for a catalog. Did you order the Charleston or Essex Sofa in Deal?
I think maybe you should order the Nelson™ Marshmallow Sofa in Black Vinyl now that one is unique.

Debbie said...

Ok- I will play the dumb game because it is rainy and I don't have too much else to do right this minute...I am guessing Andre in digit (what kind of name is that anyway)

april said...

No, no, no keep guessing.

Jean, that Marshmallow sofa is a kicker! I don't really know what else to say about it. I was looking at the Charleston...so you were close, but no bananas.

Debbie, Andre is too modern and the color names are ridiculous to say the least, let's call them what they are...red, yellow, blue etc... geesh!

jennifer h said...

I vote for Candace. I personally like Charlseton better, but it might be too traditional for you. Although what's tricky is the architect/design background you and Clay have going combined with the farmhouse/
countryloving/Kansas thing.

cndymkr said...

Dawson at 90" is a nice one.

april said...

Okay, you all are making me feel slightly self concious about my choice now, because nobody has guessed correctly. What does that mean?

iloveupstate.com said...

Everyone I know that has purchased one of their sofas has been obnoxiously happy with it. Hope you have the same response to their sofas!

Michelle said...

I take a break for a day and miss the fun and games. Bummer.