Friday, October 19, 2007

Kaw Valley Farm Tour 2007

Oh, give me a home, where the buffalo roam....

No, forget that. They kinda creep me out..but they're mighty tasty!
We recently went on the Kaw Valley Tour of Farms. We started at the Lone Star Lake Bison Ranch. They had bison meat for sale and they brought the herd into the pens so we could get all nice and cozy with them.  That big bull up there with the ginormous head scares the bejiggles out of me.
I would not want to meet this gal in a pasture, she's got horns, a woman with horns, that's not good.
I have one little boy that likes choo-twains.  These people love choo-twains so much, they made a house out of them.  What looks like the Sante Fe railroad running through an open pasture is actually somebodies home.
Behind the trains sits a depot.  This spot was across the road from the bison ranch and was not on the tour, but I sure wish I could see inside the place.
Here's their driveway.  Railroad crossing starts with an R, can you spell it without any R's?
After the bison ranch, we all suddenly died and went to heaven.  Did you know there are llamas in heaven?
I loved this guy.  We took a tractor ride through heaven.  Look at his shirt.....
So true.  How many times have I said that to my garden only to let the plant grow until I've decided it's a weed?
Heaven has a secret garden with a pond.
And a garden store with tons of goodies.
Oh, and a little wooden bridge that reminds me of Three Billy Goats Gruff.  Trip trap trip trap.
Did I mention the antique green house with iron works?   Check out the chandelier, every person should have one of those in their green house, don'tcha think?
This is the view looking up at the top of the green house, am I an artist or what?
Cockadoodledoo!  This rooster could kick some serious iron butt.
No.  I do not want a rusty metal bison statue in my garden, but thanks anyway.
I'll take one of these though.  Does the barn come in red?
It pumps out flowers....I told you it was heaven.
The third farm we visited raises turkeys.  Gobble-gobble-gobble.  They all gobbled every  single time we laughed.  We laughed a lot.  They gobbled a lot.  It took about ten minutes for it to get tiresome.  But we kept laughing and they kept gobbling even we moved on to viewing the rest of the farm.
They have a herd of elk.  This baby ate out of our hand and sucked on my finger.  I wanted to take him home and train him to do tricks.  He was so dang cute!
There were rabbits and white turkeys and puppies and chickens, but guess what animals my kids played with?  Yep, the cats.  Like we don't have enough of them at home!
We'll be back next year. Thanks Kaw Valley farms!


Rechelle said...

I think you should have done the entire blog without any rrrrs. Very funny anyway. ha ha h ah aha ha ha ha ha ha hahahahahahahahahah haah ahahahahahahaahhaahahahahaha hee hee

NannyOgg said...

wow, looks like a wonderful day! I wish we had cool farms like that around here. And I want to live in a train! Well, maybe not. But it's fun to fantasize about.


Angie said...

Oh, I wanta go with you next year!

Anonymous said...

We get buffalo meat from our local food cooperative and boy is it tasty! So lean, and so tender and very good for you.

Robbyn said...

Dontcha love the lamas? What a fun weekend!

I finally got out of procrastination mode and added a backlog of great blog sites to my blogroll and list...SORRY it took SO long!! I read your blog all the time, and Rechelle's, and LOVE them. Just letting you know I FINALLY chained myself to my keyboard long enough to give some well-deserved mentions :)

Crunchy Chicken said...

I'm glad you found the local llama. I'm sure you were going through withdrawals and asking Clay to nibble on your... never mind.

Vonda said...

I love the llama picture....actually the buffalo too. I once ate a beefalo burger in my home town (half beef, half buffalo). I didn't much care for it....thought I might grow a hump or sumthin. Young and foolish and I guess I still might be a little bit foolish. Ha!