Friday, September 28, 2007

Treaures left behind

One of the treasures left behind in the barn was a bicycle-built-for-two. It's so dang cute. But, it's even cuter with two big boys riding it.

One of my old friends brought her boy out to get reacquainted with Seth. They didn't remember that they were the best of buds when they were two years old. It didn't take long for them to decide they could be friends again.

I guess when we moved from here nine years ago we left behind a few treaures too.


cndymkr said...

That is so sweet. And the bicycle is a great find too.
jean said...

Who leaves a bicycle built for 2 behind!?!?! OMG. That is so deeply cool!

Debbie said...

Hey-do you think we should leave the treasures that you left behind for the next folk to find? ;)

btw-I clipped April's wings she is making me mad:(

april said...

Debbie, you never know your new tenant may really need an old computer to prop open the door or something. Poor April, sounds like she needs to be free or maybe fried.

Debbie-chicken tamer said...

April is my challenge to bring her into submission of Keane Acres' rules-I am having 'fun' with her! I held her for awhile after I gave her a feathercut.

I am jealous of your real treasures! Do you have anythings that you wish you didn't? BTW-When are you going to get chickens?

Them Country Folk: said...

I love that picture! So cute!