Monday, September 17, 2007

Private Conversations

This little post is for Clay. I copied and pasted our most recent IM conversation. We are very brilliant and exciting folk.

Clay: are you there?

april: yessss

Clay: are you posting?

april: noooo

Clay: doh

april: reading all the stupid emails I have.
I'm a very important person you know.

Clay: I know
what is seth doing

april: digging to China

Clay: If he has some time, send him out to mow some of the yard

april: okay boss

Clay: I don't want him to do the edges, but he can mow a big square around the septic field
or a big circle

april: how bout an octagon?

Clay: you're funny
now use that funny to write a pot
post, i mean

april: maybe I'll just sit on the pot

Clay: (blink, blink)


hope4grace said...

I've held face to face conversations of that caliber.... fun huh?

The bond between you two is so visable, you guys crack me up.

Rechelle said...

Yeah - you guys are Fuuuuunnnnnyyyy.

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing at this - because it sounds just like DH and myself. We work together in the same office - like 15 feet from each other but we IM back and forth all day long rather than talk out loud. LOL said...

The fiance and I have been known to "play laptops" in bed...and I've been known to IM him and ask him to stop tootin'. Yep, life is glam around these parts...

Vonda said...

I love the "blink blink". My husband is in a state of "blink blink" most of the time.

Jill said...

That was awesome! If I even mention "sitting on the pot", my husband curls into the fetal position and squeals like a piglet for 3 hours straight. Girls don't poop. HA! You'd think after 7 years of lifting my leg and letting 'em rip, he'd hang that belief on the shelf and let it dry up.