Saturday, September 22, 2007

Moving Day Part II

moving day remembered cont....

We arrived at our destination in Kansas Sunday evening. Mom and Dad decided to check into the hotel with us. Dandy Randy the Realtor dropped by and gave us the keys to our new place and then we tried to go to sleep. But with two cats, four kids and two adults all stuffed into one hotel room not to mention the constant hum of nerves and anxiety about what the next day would be like we didn't get a whole lot of sleep that night.

The next morning we dropped Ellen off at her new school and showed Ike his classroom. Clay and I had to steer a very reluctant and nervous girl around the school. The Headmaster was dashing us around giving us a quick tour of the school, but Ellen was walking slower than molasses in the winter. Clay and I kept pushing her on the back to try to make her move quicker, but I swear if we would have let her, she would have made a break for it and run for the hills. Poor thing.

Here she is in her Shmarmy-Marmy Uniform. Uh, and yes they go to school in a renovated Butler building, what of it?

This is the father that just dropped his daughter off at school for the first day. It doesn't matter how old she is, he can't take it. He wanted to run back in the building, scoop her up and swaddle her in a blanket. He hates the first day of school, he doesn't like to say goodbye to his kids. He finds no joy in letting them go and that's pretty darn sweet if you ask me. I can't imagine what he's going to be like on her wedding day...geesh, we're going to need a good therapist.
Then we headed to the house to unload the trucks. Just when I started to get something done, I had to head out the door to deliver Ike to afternoon Kindergarten. Here he is on his first day. He was so excited and so was Levi, he really thought he'd get to stay right there by his brother, but was sorely disappointed when I told him we had to leave, it wasn't pretty. Oh, by the way Ike's teacher, the one doing the arabesque in the background, she's really sweet and stands about a foot taller than Ike, she's little. Also, the class in made up entirely of blond headed boys.
Oh, I forgot to say RECHELLE single handedly unloaded the entire U-Haul and put together all the beds and tables using only her finger nails to tighten the screws, she's amazing!
That week Barbie Doll and Deborah came to visit. We took the kids out back and made them climb over a barbed wire fence onto this old Chevy that sits on Ramone's property to take photos. Who doesn't love an old Chevy truck? Especially with cute kids as hood ornaments?
And a pretty teenager, who would rather be getting a pedicure than touch a rusty object.
I want that Chevy. I want to fix it up, paint it red and make it my vehicle. I'll fill it with pumpkins in the fall and a big Christmas tree in winter.
Good buddies arm wrestlin' on the rusty Chevy. When's the last time your child had a tetanus shot? That question keeps coming to my mind, maybe I ought to get the kids up to date, eh?
Deborah, exhausted after staying up until 2:00 in the morning doing a sewing project. But, she still manages to look beautiful, twit.
Barbie Doll, she had decided my house will be her new vacation spot. She's coming again in November, I can't wait.
This is the view from my back porch. Do you think the farmer will notice I snatched a dozen stalks? Should I put them back? The previous owners left behind a world of treasures in the barn and the lean-to. See the back-pitch? Seth pulled that out of the lean-to.
Here's what you all have been waiting to see. The porch furniture. This is what Barbie and Deborah helped me do. We stayed up until 2:00am two nights in a row sewing, drinking, laughing, complaining and ultimately deciding we are not professional seamstresses, but we do know how to create "cute".
Deborah and I no longer have any feeling left in our right hands due to emptying twenty odd spray cans of black paint onto this wicker furniture. Look at Ramone's cattle in the background, they like the furniture too...I mean they like it moooooo.
Dang, it turned out so CUTE! Okay, the boy and kitten are pretty cute too.
Did I mention we came with two cats and now have six? Yeah, six. I'm the cat lady, with cute porch furniture.


Rechelle said...

Hello? Hello?- you seem to be forgetting the part where your sister unloaded an entire U Haul truck for you.

april said...

Sorry honeeeeee, I made the edit just for you.

melanie said...

I love seeing those boys sitting on the beautiful cushions. :-) Deborah and I didn't get to even enjoy them after we were done.

Rechelle said...

Thank you April - You hurt my feelings three times today - but now I feeeeeeel better.