Saturday, September 22, 2007

Moving Day Remembered

It's been two weeks since we packed up the U-Haul, but it feels like months. I can't believe it, I'm in some sort of weird weird time suspension.

It's time to share some stories, tell some folks thanks and show some pictures, doncha think?

This is my oldest son and his best bud, which just so happens to be my dear friend Deborah's little boy. They came over to help us before the big moving day.  I caught the boys outside taking apart shelving and talking just like they were a couple of old men.  I watched them for awhile and then snuck a few photos.  These two boys were so sweet together and so much alike it's frightening.
We can't move from a place unless it's icy or rainy.  Moving day was rainy.  We backed the truck up as close to the garage as possible and then rigged a tarp between the roof and the truck.  Look at the crew that showed up to help us.  They were such a blessing and  they're smiling....because they were happy to help, not because we were leaving...I think.
These are my peeps, my girls, my entourage.  The brunette, let's just call her "Barbie Doll" is about 10 years younger than me, she's the little sister I never had.  I can boss her around and tell her not to do stuff and she actually listens to me and then does back flips, cartwheels and a few yoga poses to help me and she still comes out looking like Julia Roberts with a perfect complexion, skinny legs and enough voluminous hair for ten people...twit.  She's also the mother of Ike's future wife.  Then there's Deborah, the blond in the middle.  She's my older (yes she is older, 5 whole years older...shut-up, she does to look older than me!) anyway, she's my wiser, older, calmer, friend.  She's the mother of my older kids' buddies.  I learned so much from her, like how to communicate better with my kids and to open my home to others no matter what.  She was always up for any project, craft or party, she kept me going during some really yucky times and I don't think I ever told her how much I respected her, but maybe she'll start reading my blog and then she'll know.  She looks beautiful all day everyday no matter what...twit.
Here's one of Deborah's girls with Ellen.  This one gave me a big hard hug and then we both just sobbed the day we loaded the U-haul.  She is such a sweet girl, Ellen adores her.
This is Deborah's wonderful husband.  Do you see a theme here?  Yeah, they're all very photogenic and beautiful....jerks.  After a long day of loading the truck and cleaning the house, Deborah had "Barbie Doll's" family and my family over for dinner.  
When I say my family I mean my family and my parents.  Here's Deborah in her kitchen doing what she does best, serving.  That's my mom getting the pleasure of Deborah's fine home cookin'.  And that cute little girl is Deborah's youngest and she absolutely idolized my Ellen.
We went home and slept on the floor that night.  Sunday morning we woke to finish the last bit of packing and scrub the house.  My parents were a whirlwind of energy and I was so glad they were there.  Dad wrestled on the floor with the little's and Mom told the older two stories and kept them laughing instead of crying, cause Clay and I were pretty sad and I don't think we had much left in us to keep the kids morale up.
We took our two cast with us despite their protests and they are adjusting fairly well here.
The trucks and vans were loaded.  The last thing we did before leaving TBLDBT was gather in a circle and pray.  We thanked God for the time we had in Missouri and for all the wonderful people that had crossed our paths, we asked Him to bless all those who had helped us on our journey and we asked for His hand to be with us as we traveled and settled in our new home.
Thank you to all who came to help us, you were such a blessing that day.

Jack, Monte, Steve, Mark, Wes, John, Johnny, Bryan, Allan, Hope, Mel, Deborah.



Mark said...

Well, your welcome. But since I'm looking at and listening to Evangeline practice on the piano here in the dining room, I think I'm the one who should say "thank you"!

And I do.

Thank you! :)

(And post more pictures from Kansas, please.)

cndymkr said...

It looks like you have a great group of friends. I hope you stay in touch with them. Even if they are (in your words) twits.
And when you can call someone that you know you're good friends!

lori said...

what a funny and touching post. you must be a very good friend, april, to have so many friends be so good to you! i hope you're all settling into kansas well.


Angie said...

Wow, just seeing pictures of your move made me a little nauseous reminding me of our moves. Packing, saying goodbye, cleaning. It makes it so much easier to have friends and family to help. I think your sister looks just like your mom, BTW. Do you look like your dad? Your kids are so cute.