Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dorothy? Toto? That you?

I can't find my blinkin' battery charger for my camera, so I can't show you all the ridiculous amount of energy I've put into decorating my porch....it's just too fun to leave alone. But, my sistorian has documented some of my craziness....so go check it out.

Things I've forgotten about Kansas, but am enjoying all the same...

The Wind- Good Gawd the WIND! No hills and mountains to block your view or the WIND!

The Dry Climate- My eyes, my throat, my nose, my skin....all dried up and turned to dust a few days ago and then blew across the corn field while I was stealing stocks from the farmer next door....shhhhh, don't tell.

The People- They act like I never left. I've had emails and phone calls from folks telling me to come to this and that and wanting to meet my kids and blah, blah, blah....it's wonderful.


Lori Shaffer said...

So, what about the "just be still and happy" people of Kansas? Have they all morphed into "fill-every-moment-with-activity" St. Louisans? Huh...Huh...Have they?

No really, I am glad you are receiving a warm welcome...'course that may end when they discover you're a kleptomaniac!

Debbie said...

Hey-you need to change your profile since you no longer live in the B.R. house in the woods.

Funny story about the white hen I call April, she got out one of the first few days (and almost every day since) and I couldn't catch her so I decided to let her scratch and have her usual fun. Later on that evening John and I walked over to your old big long house to see what needed to be done for new renters and we found April trying to get in her old chicken coop. Smart bird. She figured out she moved next door:)

april said...

I didn't raise no ordinary hens, what you've got there is a prime white California Leghorn and I'm supposing that she has a keen sense of direction....so you named her aptly.

Yes, I think there has been some serious morphing done while I've been gone, however we can't find a church service that begins before 10:45, so I guess there is still a hefty amount of "be still" left over to suit me.

cndymkr said...

How are the kids adjusting? And you and your husband? Everything going ok? I loved the video of you and your sister decorating your porch.

Debbie said...

The chicken, April, is also coordinated and extemely agile as well as tricky-yep-she is named aptly.

Nice work on updating your profile!

Michelle said...

Good to have you back online. I just became a loyal reader before you left MO. Now I can get back into my daily blogging routine, your absence really threw me off.

Didn't your chickens move with you?

jennifer said...

I used to complain about the WIND in Oklahoma all the time. I knew the song talked about it "sweeping down the plain," but one has to experience it to believe it! I imagine Kansas WIND is pretty much the same--the plain is just a little further North.

Glad you're enjoying being back with the natives.

Angie said...

Loved the video and how the yellow of the corn just made it "pop"! And I love your porch!!! Can't wait to see more pictures.