Monday, February 02, 2009

Frugal Froohaha

Sometimes when I need to recharge my frugal battery I'll try to find someone out in Internet Land who has great advice.

Well, looky what I found. Now I can peruse through 50 different links and surely find someone that will motivate me to keep those dollars in my pocket.

What if I want to make some money online or from my blog? This nice lady posted how much she made from each source.

Remember when I asked you if you thought it was dumb to purchase coupons? Well, I decided to give it try. So I purchased $9.10 worth of coupons, meaning each coupon has a handling fee and I think the minimum purchase is $9. It took five days to get my coupons and I had several that were going to expire on Jan 31st. Quickly, I made my plan and went to our local grocery store that doubles up to $1 on manufactures' coupons. Note that I only purchased coupons on products that I use like Cascade and Jet Dry and Suave (which I didn't think could possibly get any cheaper, but I ended up paying $.49 a bottle, cha-ching).

I did notice that some of the products were more expensive at the grocery store than Wallyworld, but after I used the coupons I did save a bit.

I was forced to purchased more of the products than I would normally due to the 'save $1 when you purchase two' blah blah blee blee bloo bloo and now, hello, I have 6 boxes of tampons in my bathroom. Stocking up is not something I like to do, but I'll do it for the sake of saving.

I used ten coupons and saved $22.80. I have a bunch more to use, so I'm sure I'll end up saving over $50.

I think buying coupons is worth it for me right now since I'm a beginner at this whole coupon thing. I promise I'll keep trying to do better.

Now, go be frugal and free yourself of debt and destruction and dementors and deli meat and doilies and doo-dads and dorks.


Caryn said...

vinegar in the jet dry dispenser works just as well.

April said...

Ahhh, Caryn I disagree, only because I tried that and then spent money on a repair man to tell me to go back to using Cascade and Jet Dry and wah-lah, my dishwasher was cured.

Anna Sophia said...

:D I just enjoy laughing at you! :) I mean *with you*! You are too funny! I would probably always need a change of pants if I knew you in person!

thehiers said...

Do you have a separate category for hospitality in your budget? Cuz that can really eat up grocery money fast! Just wondering. BTW, we have the same grocery budget. It is quite challenging.

April said...

Hey Hiers!

Nope, all food fed to us and others comes out of the same budget.

I've found that it's not too bad to host a party if I keep things simple.

Having folks over is a good time to use up all the ham we have from our hogs and since we have eggs all the time I can make a brunch pretty cheap.

That being said, I don't think we've had anyone over since New Year's day....except stray teenagers and they are pretty happy to eat anything I throw at them.

Dawn said...

well, if being frugal would deliver this High School librarian from dorks I would be soooooooooo happy.

Michele Wassell said...

Great way to go..... Works for saving money..

Linda said...

I always giggle when I read your blog. I'm gonna check out that buying coupons site.

Someone asked about hospitality in the budget ... this is a big one for me because we like to entertain. Here's what we did for a recent get-together with friends. I served baked potatoes. It was so cheap. A bag of potatoes and some toppings ... sour cream (which was on sale), cheese (which I buy in bulk on sale), bacon (2 for the price of one), caramelized onions (free from the garden) and mushroom (the splurge). When you line it all up the table it really looks like a feast! My guests loved it. And it didn't break my food budget for the week.

Kristin said...

Oprah's show today is about women who do the coupon thing and how they do it and how much they save. I don't usualy watch Oprah, but I think this episode might be worth a look.

Annie Pazoo said...

Howdy April. I haven't tried buying coupons yet, but I can get lots in my local paper (and print out internet ones, too). I have become a convert to stockpiling (although there are pro's and con's to that, of course). It is nice to always have tampax in the closet when you need them! (but what I'm going to do with all the almost-free toothpaste I've got, I don't know....)

Janelle said...

I'm glad to hear that buying coupons worked. I have been looking at giving it a try for some time and was a bit skeptical. Thanks :)