Thursday, February 05, 2009

Blabbing Blogger Seeks Basketball Bible

When we moved back to Kansas I decided not to talk about my blog to the new people I was meeting. I did this because I wasn't sure if it was healthy to unleash so much April on people all at once.

It takes me a bit to warm up in new environments and therefore I tend to be more reserved and quiet and timid and basically paralyzed until I'm comfortable. I think people would say, "She's just a tiny waif of a thing. I can barely hear her when she speaks." Yes, that's exactly how people would describe me. They would also comment on my long fluttery eyelashes, rosebud lips and delicate gait. Because, really, I'm just a sweet, quiet introvert that has been buried inside the body of a gigantic, babbling blond that laughs louder than a hyena being tickled by a baboon!

Unfortunately that gigantic babbling blond eventually gets the best of the tiny waif and one day in a moment of coffee induced spasmodic tongue-flapping I told a new friend, "Oh, I have a blog! And it's so wonderful. You should read it. EVERYDAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!"

Since I hang out with her in larger circles of coffee induced spasmodic tongue-flapping women the topic of my blog has been mentioned a time or two.

So, I wasn't too surprised when I got a little note from my Pastor's wife that she heard I had a blog and could I please tell her how to find it.

This is the email I wrote her. Because why in God's Holy NAME would I just say, "Sure, thanks for asking."

Hey K,
I'm home missing bible study because I have four children and they've stapled me to the floor of my kitchen and poured oatmeal in my hair. Also, I can't seem to find the front door, I think I left it behind a couple loads of laundry. AND if I have to take my little boys to one more basketball game this week they might think that's where we live.

Translation: We've been gone a lot, I have company coming tonight, my house is a disaster, I'm still in my pj's.

Anyway, here's my blog address, please know it's my creative/crazy outlet and by no means reflects the serious, mature adult that I am everyday.

Have a great weekend and if you want to get in touch with me call any of the local basketball gyms within a 100 mile radius.

I really wanted to sign it with a meaningful Bible verse, but I couldn't find one that had any reference to basketball or blogging. What's with that?


Wanda said...

How do you come up with so many hilarious ideas? You're gifted in finding humour in common everyday happenings. I have become a very loyal reader!

Sharon said...

I think it's time you forked over the $6.99 and bought ;)

This DVM's Wife's Life said...

I think half the people I know knew I had a blog and share my life with cyber folks, they would think I was a sad, lonely person. Truth is, I love to blog! It's the diary I never sat down to write in.
Course now I think I have more cyber friends than human ones!

dea said...

You are so fantastic!!! I sat here and laughed out loud!

Leila said...

Your children should play baseball. Baseball is in the bible.

Proof texts:

Gen 1:1: In the beginning... [In the BIG INNING}

Luke 7:17 : Where are the nine? (there are nine players on a baseball team, duh.)

Also baseball is far more time-consuming than basketball, IMHO. You'd love it.

Lisa said...



Janelle said...

Glad to see another Kansan blogging :) You are hilarious.

Stephanie in Idaho said...

I would LOVE to hear your 'laugh louder than a hyena'...

I think I already know how it sounds, at least I hear it in my head when I read your blog...

Thanks for the humor, I love your blog

Gladys said...

april, I too am an introverted shy quiet girl hidden inside a loudmouth obnoxious blond. I tell people sitting at the bus stop next the supermarket that I have a blog. I in fact shout it from my car window. I have thought about just having cards printed up saying Go HERE read THIS EVERY DAY.

Joy said...

tee hee hee. I can't think of any scriptures to use either!!!!

Jenni said...

I made a very big mistake a while back. I wanted to get back at my mother-in-law for a horrendous picture she put in a slideshow that she emailed to everyone we know. So, I posted a picture of her on my blog--not too terrible but which I knew she would hate. Then I left the blog page up while she was at my house and I was headed out the door so she could have the appropriate freak out and meltdown. She has been stalking my blog ever since. Not only that, but she announces my blog address to everyone. Her entire side of the family knows about it, our Bible fellowship knows about it, people we know in New Jersey, California, and Ohio know about it. It has made me a nervous wreck. Why does this make me nervous? Because I am a gigantic, babbling brunette that laughs louder than a hyena being tickled by a baboon living inside the body of a sweet, quiet introvert of diminutive stature. And I am terrified that these people will find out!

Anonymous said...

SHHHHHHHHHH you are funnier than your sister

supermom_in_ny said...


Thanks for the link love!

Love your blog, you are HILARIOUS! I'm adventurous too. Sneaking through changed doors, jumping like the bionic woman. I have 7 kids for pete's sake. Walking an extra mile to exit a building with whiny kids under foot...not my cup of tea either! LOL! :)

My sons don't do basketball. I can be found transporting them from track, wrestling, and baseball. Now they want to do football. :(

My daughters are into community service. One of my daughters is lieutenant governor for Key Club. Translation: wear and tear on the minivan. She wants to save the world singlehandedly. She's a vegan, that refuses to sit on our leather sectionals. She'd rather sit on the floor?! ...Need I say more?

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Thanks again for the link love...and the laughs!


Norma said...

When I tell people I have a blog they say, "What's that?" I explain and then tell them I have 11 blogs. Then they run.

E-Jayjo said...

BTW, I was so intrigued by your buying coupons and hearing how it worked for you. I'd never heard of buying coupons, but I looked at the coupon clipper and just placed an order. Thanks for the tip!

Lindsay said...

I know what you mean!!! My little ol' blog is nothin' compared to yours, and nowhere near as hysterical, but I get it.
I just keep telling myself, if I'm breaking any "pastor's wife" stereotypes then I'm doing great!

Anonymous said...

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