Friday, March 07, 2008

Winter, it's really time for you to go away.

Remember that thing called summer?  Anyone?  Anyone?  I've got a serious beef with Mother Nature today.  Apparently she's decided to take a long holiday to the tropics and leave us Heartlanders shuddering in the wake of winter's grip.

Let's take a walk down memory lane.  Waaaaay back last summer, I had a garden.  It was my place of serenity.  It was beautiful.
Clay built raised bed out of the abundance of felled trees on the property.  Then I filled the beds with cow poop, top soil and peat moss.  The plants loved it.
I did the 'taters in a trash can' idea that I read about on Crunchalota's blog.
They were wonderful.  I haven't decided if I'll do them again this year since we have so much space to put vegetables in the ground.
Ah, then there was the Gypsy Caravan where I picked up these lovelies and we sweltered in the heat.  
This wasn't taken last summer, but it's green and my baby actually looks like a baby.  And I'm hoping he didn't eat that wormy apple, but he probably did.  We have a mini orchard here in Kansas.  I haven't been able to identify all the trees.  It will be a lovely surprise when the fruit starts to form.  I believe we have several apple, a couple cherry, several peach and a couple pear.  But, we'll see for certain......if summer ever gets here.
Oh, this was the day I was reverting back to my 'Granola' days.  Shouldn't every woman wear a long sundress and flip flops to work in the garden?  Yes, I think sometimes it's a must.
How about the day Levi found my bright pink nail polish?  At first glance I thought he was bleeding.  Then I noticed he wasn't crying.  He spilled nail polish all over the carpet in my bedroom.
He got to sit in this chair and watch me clean it up.  He wasn't too happy.  I wasn't too happy.  What makes me happy about his picture?  He doesn't wear a diaper anymore!  See, there's a happy story behind every tragedy.
This is one of my favorite photos from last summer.  My dad came for a visit on his way through to Virginia to ride his bicycle in Bike Across Virginia.  We went to Shakespeare in the Park.  It was a lovely summer evening.  There is something so sweet about an old guy holding a little guy's hand.
Now, come on spring, rear your head!  I'm done with winter!   I'm sick of coats and boots!  Mother Nature get your butt back here!


Becky said...

I was relaxing and enjoying the photos until the nailpolish one jarred me back to harsh reality. Ooo that would have sent me right over the edge. *I* would have needed a serious time out. LOL

muddy mama said...

Here I am, trying to make the best of the winter weather that I know we will be dealing with for some time yet, and you go and show pictures of summer!

*sniff* Beautiful garden, by the way. Excuse me while I go drool on some seed catalogs.

Natalie said...

We had so many snow peas for sale at The Farmers Market today that there were actually leftovers!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Hear, hear! All in favor of summer raise their hands.

The noise from hand raising is deafening.

Lovely photos, even the bleeding feet one.