Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Professional help would be nice in times like these.

0.5 Sometimes you just have to number things.

1. I've been told to explain to you, again, that I have no desire to learn how to use electronic gadgetry.

1.5. But that's obvious, isn't it?

2. That doesn't stop me from pushing buttons.

3. Blog headers are overrated.

4. I don't know how to design my own blog header and I tried, see that awesome picture with the awesome font up there at the tippy-top of my blog?
4.5. Get your bifocals.

5. People that know how to design blog headers speak a different language.  I say, "I want this" and they say, "It can't be done"  and that doesn't make sense to me, at all.

6. I've said for years that my art needs to be 3D.  That's why I wanted to be an Industrial Designer and NOT a Graphic Designer.

7. I hate scrapbooking.

7.5. I would have more friends if I enjoyed scrapbooking.

8. I also hate stamping and card making and the inner workings of a camera.

9. One of my good friends has made me go shopping with her to pick out card making supplies.

9.5. I wanted to poke my eyes out and pull her out of the store by the hair, whip her around my head a few times and fling her like a discus across the parking lot.  

9.55. Instead I went and bought silk flowers for a floral arrangement.

10. Flower arrangements qualify as 3D art.

11. I don't know many women that like the same things as I do.

11.5. Like pottery.

11.55. And metal art.

11.555. And pulling weeds in the rain.

11.5555. Or reading books written in the 20's and 50's about women that enjoyed gardening.

11.55555. But that's okay, right?


Anonymous said...

Finally, another woman who hates scrapbooking and has lived to tell about it! I hate it too. I do like card making and stamps, or at least that's what I said when I bought all the supplies years ago that I still have but do nothing with. LOL said...

People who 'scrapbook' scare the carp out of me. I totally offended some reader of my blog by going on a tangent about creepy scrapbookers...oops.

Becky said...

Ooo yeah. I don't do scrapbooking. Or stamping or any of that stuff. I love pottery. I love reading. I love watching movies. I love making movies and taking pictures. I like flower arranging, but silk is best since I kill anything live that has leaves. I still enjoy coloring (with crayons or colored pencils or markers). LOL

Stephanie said...

I don't scrapbook.. I live in my garden and I love photography...I have always wanted to try pottery or woodworking...

Anonymous said...

Have you read Celestine Sibley's THE SWEET APPLE GARDENING BOOK? Any non-fiction by her is still my favorite (but, please, not her mysteries, they are just.......)

cndymkr / jean said...

Hey, I don't want to be stuck labeled as a scrapbook type, it's not fair. Good lord, what a reputation! I much prefer card making and stamping. Does that make me a nicer person and less freaky? Have your friend call me - I'll go shopping with her.

Anonymous said...

Have you read Gladys Taber? She would be right up your alley.


jennifer h said...

I like to pretend to like things, buy the supplies to do them, and then never do them.

Rechelle said...

April - a blog is really just a scrapbook. You might want to think about that a bit. As to silk flowers - big fat yuck. I prefer dried or fresh or living in pots because I work in a garden center. Because I am a garden expert.

Lori Shaffer said...

Totally agree........with Rechelle, that is.

Your blog IS an online scrapbook - a display system for your photos, accompanied by your journaling about them - only blogging is worse 'cause it is often artless and adds the sordid "diary" element which incorporates stories unfit for posterity and general human consumption.

I love scrapbooking......and card-making......and metalwork.....and pottery. I hate silk flowers. So there. Were we friends at one time? Did we actually enjoy one another's company? Or were you just pretending? Hmmm......

Natalie said...

I've never even tried to put a different header on my blog - I've had the same orange banner for the last 4 years. I change the fonts sometimes and their colors, that's about as creative as I get. Maybe I'll try, or not.

KatieB said...

I just found your blog and I have to say I totally relate to your comment about scrapbooking and stamping and making cards. I have a friend that LIVES for stamping and card making. One of my hobbies she said was so boring she would through herself off a roof if she had to endure it. I told her she had no room to talk b/c stamping was beyond boring to me.

Thanks for the great blog. Glad to know other women still have interesting hobbies.

Elaine said...

OK really, I don't care how hard it is. I'm going to boycott your blog until you change your header to something *way* less gross than "That's No GEODUCK!"

Every time I visit I think, "man, those geoducks are DISGUSTING," then I can't really enjoy the rest of my visit.

Unless you're trying to get rid of me and my ilk.

elaine said...

I thank you! At last, no more grody geoduck. I can keep reading your blog :-) I wanted to email you to thank you off-list, but couldn't find an email address for you!