Sunday, March 30, 2008

How was the flight?

Did you all have fun flitting around like a birdie today? Yes? Why do I ask? Because I finish all the little tiny detail painting in the kitchen that I didn't tell you I hadn't finished. I made Clay come check just in case I missed a spot and we's done!

So, I hope you had fun during that millimoment that the earth stopped rotating.

Also, my hands are very sore from all the sanding and caulking and sanding and caulking and painting and ........

When did I become an old person? If I stoop over too long, I can't get back up. At least not right away. Oh, my back, my back. Sweet Jesus, help me.

Garden Update: Clay built eight raised beds out of scrap lumber we found in the lean to. Some time this week I will drive our pickup over to, my neighbor, Rockin' Popin' Ramone's house and scoop the cow poop out of the pasture. I think I'll take a few Advil before I take on that chore.

That's it. Over and out.


Coffee Bean said...

Congratulations! There's nothing like calling something done!

Coffee Bean said...

Thank you for your sweet words on my blog! Yes, I have the same thing as Diane Reams (although I had to look up who she is and what she has!).

I got here through the comments on my blog which went through your profile and I saw that you've started another blog... hmmmm... off to check it out.

cndymkr / jean said...

This is why you have kids. They are the ones who should be shoveling the cow poop. Not you.

Crunchy Chicken said...

I think you have some fundamental problems in your basic understanding of physics. But I'll let it slide.

Congrats on finishing something. I hope that scrap lumber wasn't pressure treated.

Enjoy scooping up the mierda de vacas. I hope it's not too spicy for you.