Thursday, March 20, 2008

Who wants to pick some cherries?

Well, how about I paint over them in a moment of madness starting after dinner and proceeding into the next morning?This photo may or may not have been taken at 3am, I can't really remember, where's my coffee?
My Dad is here and when he saw me start slopping out the paint without taping or putting down drop cloths he bit his tongue and tried not to have a heart attack.
I'm a very good painter.....most of the spills go directly on me and my clothes, these jeans didn't have paint on them before dinner.
I woke up this morning to see this. Good Lord. When will the clean-up crew be here? What? They were never called?! I have to clean it up? No, no, no my contract clearly states.....demolition only.
Fine, I'll clean it up. This is going to require a lot of coffee......where's my coffee cup?


MrsMama said...

Oooo, I like the color. It looks really good!

Jenni said...

Beautiful! I can't believe you risked those gorgeous cabinets, though. You must be much more coordinated than me. But, but, but...did you really paint over wallpaper? Never mind. It looks beautiful.

And I think you can now probably sell those jeans for about $60 judging from what I saw at the mall the other day.