Sunday, March 02, 2008

Gee Oh Duck

I've read a couple of Betty MacDonald's autobiographical accounts of her life in the Pacific Northwest.  In both books she mentions hunting for geoducks and how delightful it was when her family successfully got one after hours of digging.  What?  Digging for hours?  Huh?  

What the heck is a geoduck?  And yes I'm pronouncing it gee-oh-duck the entire time I'm reading about them.

I took a nap yesterday thinking about geoducks.  They held on to the siphon or neck?  Neck?  I dreamt about digging in the sand for this wonderful creature and how happy I'd be to take it home and cook it up for my family, just like Betty.

When I awoke from my nap I decided I had to go Google geoduck to see what they are.
I don't want to hunt for geoducks anymore, or eat them, or dream about them.  No thanks.

How incredibly accurate the man in the following video is when he refers to people from Kansas.

You Pacific Northwesterners are brave, brave, brave and a tiny bit crazy people.


Natalie said...

But shouldn't it be spelled goeduck or gooeyduck or gooeduck or gueduck?

Crunchy Chicken said...

I can't say I've ever actually eaten a geoduck (to my knowledge at least), but they are a very ugly and intimidating looking thing.

Jenni said...

"What do you get when you cross a geoduck with an owl? A three foot long muscle that stays up all night." Well, okie-dokie. Sounds like with a little tweaking by Dr. Moreau the geoduck could be the Viagra mascot instead of just some local university mascot.

cndymkr / jean said...

You need to watch the show with Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs. He is hysterical and makes a few comments while getting to know the Goo-e-duck. It was interesting and fun to watch. I learned things that will cause nightmares for a while. And Andrew Zimmerman from Bizarre Foods has also done a segment on these things. But it wasn't as good.

And yes, my name is Jean and I am a TV addict.

Michelle said...

EEEEEEW. That does not look appetizing in any shape or form. Maybe if you cut it up in tiny pieces and deep fried it, then again, I don't think so.

maudie-mae said...

all righty, get yourself a series of movies called Ma and Pa Kettle (the first one may be called The Egg and I, but I am not sure, they are over there ------> and I am over here <--------) They are based on the books you've been reading and are an absolute HOOT. Your children will wonder about them being in Black and White, just claim they were made before you were born and the world had color.

Muddy Mama said...

Well... EWWWWW! *shudder* That's pretty much what I think about that.