Monday, March 24, 2008


Why is it so hard to get my kids to play outside today?  It's a tad windy, but the temps are in the high 50's.  

Did they forget that we bought this place so they could grow up wallowing in the dirt and becoming one with nature?  Yes, I think they did.  The long winter has damaged their little brains and they forgot that being outside can be something other than an intermittent discomfort of cold icy blasts that we endured from the van to the house.


I said, GO OUTSIDE!  Do you want to take a nap?  No, you don't.  No, you don't.  You never want to take a nap.  Okay never mind, you can't take a nap, GO OUTSIDE!  If you sneak back in this house one more time I'm going to lock all the doors until next November and you'll have to eat, drink, poop and pee outside!  NO, you may not poop outside, unless I lock you out of the house!  No, I'm not really going to lock you out, I was just exaggerating.  Exaggerating means to make a story bigger than it is.  Are you going to go outside now?  Yes, you have to stay out there longer than the count to twenty.  Don't count anymore, just stay out until I tell you to come in.  Yes, I'll let you come in to poop.


LaShawn said...

I have this same fight with my kids. Then on days that the weather is bad all I hear is how great it would be to go outside. Can't win.

cndymkr / jean said...

Go outside? What do those words mean? Are you speaking a foreign language? If you could please let my son know as soon as possible. He is in the living room curled up and hiding under a blanket.

Jenni said...

This answers the age-old question, "Does a bear shit in the woods?" The answer is, "Yes, if his mother locks him outside and there is plenty of cha-cha-cha-Charmin hanging on a tree limb." (I hate those stupid commercials.)

Dear, dear April, I would *love* to be outside right now instead of writing ridiculous comments, but I can hear the wind *howling*. Howling! Plus, I have been outside today. I was nearly blown off the road during the drive to gymnastics. I was blown off the sidewalk on the way to the car. And I'm certain the wind chill makes it feel like well below 50-something. I am a wimp and I'm thinking Kansas does not deal kindly with wimps. said...

I have the same issue with the Fiance. Silly city boy, he thinks outside if where you go to get somewhere else - and that's it.

Carol said...

My mother really did lock us out of the house. In the deep south, in July, and our only shade tree was a peach tree. My husband would say that it answers a lot of questions about me.

Not to gloat, but my southern boys are outside building a fire to roast marshmellows and hot dogs. Wearing shorts and t-shirts. I feel for you all!