Monday, May 07, 2007

Your hot!

Last week I tried to extract Levi out of the kitchen by yelling from the comfort of my cushy chair in front of the TV. "Get out of the kitchen! Now!" and he would respond, "Kaaaaay". Then I would hear him rattling around in the pots and pans again. Rewind, press play, rewind, press play and on we went with the same scene and conversation until he changed the pace and screamed his I'm-really-hurt-not-just-screaming scream. I ran into the kitchen to find him laying belly down on the counter right next to the stove. I had just fried hamburger and moved the pan off the burner and he planted his little chubby hand right on that hot surface. His hand is blistered, poor baby. Now he looks at the stove and says, "Das toooo hot!" in a very mad and frustrated tone.

Yesterday, at church Levi came and sat on my lap. He laid his head on my shoulder and stayed perfectly still. He stayed like that for several minutes. I looked at my husband and said, "He's hot, I think he's sick." My husband felt him and disagreed. A few more minutes went by and Levi wasn't trying to get off my lap, pull out my earrings, dig through my purse, stack the hymnals, steal his brother's toy or make any type of noise. I looked at my husband again and this time he agreed, "Yea, he's sick." I wonder if I could induce a fever for Levi every Sunday to make him sit that still.

Today I've been handing the little plastic dosing cup of Motrin to Levi every few hours and watching as he guzzles it down. The whole day I've felt yucky. My joints ache and I never bothered to get dressed. I made it through school with the kids and wondered why the padded chair that I sit in everyday during school felt so uncomfortable. It was hurting my butt and my back.

When my husband came home he said, "You okay? Have you been in your jammies all day?" I looked at him from my sprawled position on the over stuffed chair and said, "I'm not moving, you can't make me." Then Mr. Chipper decided to be helpful and offer to take us all to Bread Co. "No. I can't move" I replied. But, Clay was certain I could and offered to wait as long as it took for me to peel my body out of my chair. Then he kissed me on the head and said, "Ooooh, your hot!"

"Thank you Baby, so are you, now leave me alone so I can die in this chair. But, first go get me a blended coffee drink and a good bagel."


Angie said...

Guess you gotta take the "you're hot!" exclamations however you can get them. Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope that you're feeling better by now. At least you still feel like eating/drinking. Right?

cndymkr said...

Hope you feel better.

Sarah said...

Ugh! Those things happen so quickly!! My baby girl burned her hands on a long shut off fireplace (2nd degree) and the fever can be a result of the burn. You may want to give your Dr. a call... Hope it's absolutely nothing related!

P~ said...

I dunno how you did it, but I tink you gabe me your code. My nose is all stuppy, and I'm sneezing like crazy...
Hope you feel better. Hope I feel better for that matter!

P~ said...

nope, neber had allergies in my life, just a nasty spring cold, (cursing the crazy hot cold weather of a rocky mountain spring...)