Wednesday, May 09, 2007


The first sign of a home grown toe-mater!

This is one of the three- squares Clay built out of felled logs. Their kinda cute and kinda hickish.

This is one of the sweet planters I bought for my sister that she took one look at and nearly barfed. So ugly did she think it was that I quickly put it back in my van and brought it home and put flowers in it and told it I thought it was pretty and it believed me. My chickens have been telling it how much they like it too.

I bought three hanging baskets from an old lady that has a stand by the side of the road. Her family has been farming for 81 years. Everytime I look out the window and see these beauties I smile a little.

Here's my hillbilly garden. Watching it grow gives me hope. Hope that tomorrow it will be bigger, hope that I'll harvest its fruits and taste the goodness.


cndymkr said...

I love the tomatoes!

Rechelle said...

April - I loved the planters! It was they, who did not love me. They loved you and wanted you and I could not live with the rejection so I let them go.

Vonda said...

I ran across your blog by accident but I have loved reading it. I also have four children (grown) and now 3 1/2 on a small farm in Oregon with what do you know.......chickens. I love the garden beds...looks like something my hubby would build. You must not have a deer problem. We do and have to build fences or some such to keep the darn things from wiping everything out. You make me laugh each day.

Mom of All Seasons said...

I can't believe your tomato plants! Here in Michigan, my seedings are still just barely up over their starting pots. I may go cry. We've got a 4 square box in the front yard (in the city) for summer veggies, which makes my husband so horrified - because this is just something that is not done here in perfectly green, fertalizer-fortified, all-hail-grass land.

P~ said...

Garden looks great April! I love the beds, Recyled is always the best when you can get it! I have no felled trees to use or I would too. :(
P.S. how's the burn coming along?