Friday, May 04, 2007

Unleashing the Artist...or something like that.

I finally did it. I enrolled in a pottery class at Krueger Pottery. I'm so excited my stomach hurts. The class starts next week and meets for three hours once a week for a month.

I'm anxious to be in an environment with other creative people. I can't wait to feel the clay between my fingers and under my nails. I know my hands will turn into dried up crusty mits, but I dont care.

I just hope that I'm capable of making something worth using or displaying. It's been so long since I've concentrated on design work of any sort. The last art class I took was weaving about nine years ago and I think if someone shoved a loom in front of me I wouldn't even know where to begin. I liked weaving and I love textile design, but pottery has always been one of my favorite art forms. I look for it in all the antique shops and galleries I visit. I rarely buy pieces, mostly I just think about how I'd like to make that bowl or vase or mug or platter or planter. So now, maybe I will.


Anonymous said...

ooo, April, i'm envious...i want to do pottery, i was way into my leather clas in high school to get that messy ;-)

(Barb, HK's)

bobber said...

Cool. Can you make a fish bowl?

Anonymous said...

April, I took 2 month long classes there over 8 years ago. I really, really enjoyed it. It was fun getting to know all of the classmates and my teacher was great. I'm sure that you'll love it. It is good for your mental state -- or at least it was good for mine. Maybe I should consider going back despite my lack of talent? :)

Jessie said...

yea! April, I know it will be great and you will love it - therapy for your soul!

april said...

Bobber, if I can make a fish bowl, I'll make it for you!

I'll take pictures of anything I make and post it on's that?