Thursday, May 10, 2007

I can throw a pot.

Last night was my first pottery class. It made me happy. I came home and googled a bunch of videos and watched how other people throw and that's when I came across the three minute teapot. I'll be making vases, ashtrays, pencil holders and q-tip holders for awhile, but someday I'm going to bring home a teapot. Yep.


Jessie said...

That was amazing! I am almost inspired to be artistic and crafty! They make it look so easy!

cndymkr said...

Watching that reminds me of that movie with Demi Moore -Ghost? I think that was the title. I took a pottery course in high school and loved it. Boy was that a long, long time ago! But all my stuff would be wobbley and collaspe. Good luck and take pictures of your creations to post here.

Babette said...

Polly, put the kettle on!