Thursday, May 17, 2007

Clay Pots

Since my beloved is named Clay I feel really stupid saying things like;

-I need more Clay.
-I have Clay all over my hands.
-Close your eyes and feel the Clay.
-My Clay is dry.
-How much Clay should I use?
-Do you prefer red Clay?
-I made an arch with my Clay.

But, I guess if I'm going to be the next greatest potter in the world then I'll just have to learn to love two Clays and not feel weird about it.

Total pots that resemble spittoons made to date: 3
Other things that could hold a bunch of flowers, but shouldn't be described as a vase: 7


Clay said...

You forgot these:

-I fired Clay today
-Is Clay microwave safe?
-My Clay is full of air bubbles and mysterious lumps.

And my personal favorite:

-April is usually cold and stormy

oh, wait...

Crunchy Chicken said...

Oh my goodness. I really have to stop myself lest I add something too risque.

Well, I'm glad you are having fun at pottery class. I'm so jealous.

Rechelle said...

How about my clay is rotten and full of worms. or
Oh My Gosh! My clay is so difficult to mold. I can't get it to bend the way I want it to!

cndymkr said...

You need to post some photos of your work.

Babette said...

Methinks you are becoming obsessed with clay. Better keep your kiln fired up.