Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Road Kill the Whole Story

Sunday was a beautiful day here in Missouri. I played in my garden, I turned my compost pile, I scooped out the chicken coop and then I watched my husband sail down the driveway on the new go-cart and I decided I needed to have a go. But, I was kind of tired from hauling ten tons of chicken crap out of the coop, so I made Clay pull the go-cart up the hill for me, just a little farther, a bit more, tiny bit more, okay stop. Clay lined it up and then sat behind me and held the go-cart while I positioned myself. "Let go!" I demanded. "Please be careful, maybe we should take it down the hill a bit..." he pleaded. "No, let go, I can drive a stupid go-cart!" I started down the hill going at a nice clip, my confidence was high, but behind me I heard the doubt in my husband's voice as his soft warning repeated, "April, April, April, April" then crescendoing,"APRIL, APRIL!" That's when I lost my concentration and lost control of the go-cart. All I could see was the drop off into the creek and I knew I was a goner. Luckily, I fell off to the right side just seconds before the go-cart pitched into the creek. The following is a reenactment using actors to play the real people, who's identities must be protected. But, I can share a picture of my injury...again.
As you can see the drop off into the creek is quite intimidating. After Clay asked if I was okay he said, "If it has four wheels you're bound to put it in the creek, huh?" referring to the two incidents where I drove our van into the creek, but remember he spent a little time with his beloved truck in the creek too. I just don't think driveways are meant to traverse narrow bodies of water with five foot drops, nope, I don't.

Clay said he was impressed with the flight of The Blue Devil, apparently it was going so fast it got some lift, but I couldn't safely get a picture of that, so lets just pretend.

We were standing on the driveway looking at the go-cart floating in the creek, when Seth came walking up the driveway with two of his friends. They were looking to ride his new toy. Clay called out,"Mom just crashed the go-cart into the creek!" and my darling son came running to see if all was okay, I reassured him, "I'm fine, really I just got a little...." "I don't care about you!" he yelled, "Is the go-cart okay?!" Hurt by his lack of concern I responded,"Uh, yes, it's fine and I'll be okay too". Then he banned me from ever riding it again, and wasn't happy that I put it in the creek again the next day so I could share these photos with blogdom.

Here is the actress I hired to portray my crumpled body on the driveway, she is wearing the authentic foot ware that I had on at the time. She did such a great job and was on her way to her trailer when I reminded her that she needed to portray Clay retrieving the go-cart out of the creek.

I thought I heard her say something about this not being in her contract and not being prepared to act like a huge, skinny man with a beard, but...

you get the idea. I made her happy by taking lots of shots of her posing victoriously over the wretched go-cart.

She even rode it successfully over the driveway and asked, "What's the big deal? That was easy." Show-off.


hope4grace said...

You went into the creek? OMG, your ankle looks awesome though! Scars are cool, the guys dig them.

I love that you have the guts to join in the fun.

Rechelle said...

Very cute April - That wins blog of the day.

muebles en alcala de henares said...

This won't really have effect, I think so.