Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Third Pottery Class

I made these two things in my third class. The big bowl was made with five pounds of Clay, I mean clay...the mud stuff, not my husband. I used a different wheel and it had a profound effect on me. I also, think I throw better with larger amounts of Clay, I mean clay...the mud stuff, not my husband.

I jumped the gun a bit and put a handle on my batter bowl, cuz I thought I knew so much about pottery, but it turns out I didn't apply it correctly and most likely my handle will fall off when it's fired in the kiln. That will make me very sad.

I call this my batter bowl and big-honkin bowl

I've learned that you can't get attached to anything you make...because it will break. I broke my first pot last week when I was learning how to trim. Trimming occurs when your piece has dried to a leather hard stage, you put in on the wheel and use tools to take off the extra Clay, uh I mean, clay...the mud stuff not my husband. My teacher told me I was very good at trimming during the throwing stage, that's when you shape the mud stuff on the wheel, so maybe I'll not learn how to trim and just do all my finish work on the wheel. But, then how will I become the greatest potter in the world? Maybe I'll be the greatest non-trimming potter in the world.

I need a new term for clay.....the mud stuff, not my husband. How about wet earthen material and I'll shorten it to wem. Okay? From now on when I speak of pottery and clay it will be wem.


hope4grace said...

OMG, I want to go now.... I love stuff like that. You make that look good!!!!! How awesome that you have a hobby for you. Will you leave them natural color or glaze them? (Okay, have no idea what I'm saying other than color them? The natural look is awesome, skip the color!)

april said...

Hope4grace, these are actually still wet. When they are fired they turn very light. Yes, I'll glaze them...I don't know what color yet. I think I have 12 pots to glaze, so I'll try a little of everything.

cndymkr said...

They are gorgeous! You said you used 5lbs of clay (wem) but how much will it weigh when you get it home? I don't like using wem, can you change your husbands name instead?

Anonymous said...

Those are great, April!! When I did pottery, I loved throwing and trimming but disliked glazing. You just never know how it will turn out. My dad, who is also a potter, says that you have to leave it up to the Kiln Gods and hope for the best.
--annie :)

april said...

Thank you! I have no idea how much they will weigh. I have so much to learn.

I seriously considered renaming Clay, but I can't think of any other names that suit him except hon and moron...the two I use most often and I think folks would be uncomfortable calling him either of those.

P~ said...

"Big Honkin Bowl" huh, pretty much sums it up I guess. Looking good April. How about inverting the spelling? yalc in stead of Clay, I mean clay the mud stuff not your husband... Oh you know!
;-) P~

Pray for Mozambique said...

April I LOVE that bowl! And I hope the handle does not fall off of your batter bowl. I am so impressed.