Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Peep Squeal Buzz

You really do bring them home in a box, like they're dinner. I have 41 chickens in my basement right now. More photos of them later.

Our fair city gives away compost every year. They charge $10 if you want them to dump a big scoop in the back of your truck. I'd say that's a good deal.

The two glowing orbs were a surprise. I'm not sure if I'll be able to use them in the garden beds. Also, you should have seen my bathtub that night. It looked like I had unloaded the entire contents of the truck into it.

My boys worked really hard tearing apart the remaining bits of our shed that was blown to bits.
Boys and hammers, they go together like pie and ice cream.

They took out all the nails and reused them to build.......

this lovely raised bed. I have to tell you, it drives the Architect crazy not to use pretty wood that's perfectly straight, but repurposing what we have is FREE and since we are the cheapest people in the world right now we find ourselves saying, "that'll do" quite a bit.

We bought two beehives this year. Preacher was fascinated by them and has already been stung a couple of times because he tries to catch them as they fly out of the hive. Silly dog. This is the hive that we put by the orchard.

We have one very active hive and one hive that we are certain all the bees are dead. We'll buy a new queen and try to split the good hive. I say that like I know what I'm doing, but in fact this is all new to us. We'll be attending a bee conference this week to learn as much as we can about bees and honey. This is the active hive, we put it back by Ramone's old vehicles in hopes that our honey will have a nice rusty flavor. Do I have to say I'm kidding for you city folk? Okay, I'm kidding, we put it back there so the cows wouldn't be lonely.

Our pond has filled up nicely. Maybe we should get ducks. Do you think ducks would like a mud hold the size of a jacuzzi? No? Well, Preacher loves it.

Preacher also love the pigs. He thinks we got them just for him. Today, he got in their pen, lined up an ate a meal with them. It was weird, our dog thinks he's a pig.

Isaac, my 7yo, took these photos.

He was trying to make it look like he had a giant hand reaching out to touch the pigs. He's a very goofy little boy, or did you already guess that?


Wanda said...

We had a large swarm of bees move into an old cedar tree on the property last year. It was interesting to watch their daily coming and going.

Lisa said...




cndymkr / jean said...

I was going to send you an email asking about all the things you just posted! Freaky. Of course, I couldn't find your email address.

What do the turkey chicks look like? Do they look like chicken chicks? Will they be free range or would Preacher eat them? And who gets to feed the animals? I'm available if you need to go on vacation or something.

Lynn in WI said...

Wow. You really do have pigs. Pigs that actually root around and snort.

Can't wait to see you split the hive. Please film it for us.

Clayvessel said...

Spring on the farm! Love it!

We won't get our chicks until next month.

Yes on the jaccuzi size for ducks.

Around here, I've always seen multiple bee hives together in one area. Not separated. I don't think they need to be apart and having them together makes it easier on the bee keepers. Tell us more about them as you learn please.

And if you are interested, April, I blogged a little tour of my pottery studio.

Off to prune the blueberries!

Jennifer said...

spring is definetely on the way. around here, too! i'm interested in your bees. we'd like to do that sometime, but not this year. please keep us very posted on your learning curve. have fun! (and i chuckled about the boys in the mulch. of course, ellen was nowhere to be seen!)

HappyHermit said...

What wonderful photos !! Those silly moments probably light up your life. I know when mine does that it makes everything around us more enjoyable.

Thank you much for sharing.

Rosie_Kate said...

Yay for spring!

"Definitely" on the ducks. I suggest Muscovies. Google 'em. They're great. (You'll have to check my blog to see what my chickens think of them, however.)

Yes, you do have a goofy boy. Boys are fun. And useful... especially on a farm!

Clayvessel said...

How come you didn't get weaner pigs?

Them guys are big!

Southern Gal said...

"...two glowing orbs" indeed.

I thought you had photoshopped them in there. They look like ghosts!!

Love your livestock. Would love to live in a place where we could have some pigs, chickens and goats. We could try to hide them in the wooded backyard, but I'm afraid the neighbors would get suspicious about the smell. Oh well. I'll live vicariously through you then. OK?

Anna Sophia said...

Hi! :-)

You've just received the Lemonade award. Stop by my blog to pick it up and show some bloggy love. :)

BTW, I added this to my fridge too. :-)

I live IN Jesus said...

Hey where does one procure a bee hive? I see them around and have looked at the blueprints to build one....That building thing is not my bag... Anyhoo--did you buy them from a local beehive dealer/farmer guy?! I really really want some bees, just don't know where to find said hives! And what would a hive cost? Just curious! Thanks for posting your adventures on the farm! :)
Sarah T

Leila said...

Our bees died :(

You guys are just doing amazing work.

Maybe the chicks WILL be dinner SOMEDAY! MWAHAHAHAH!

Sara said...

Doesn't it just make you happy to see all those critters running around? And the pigs and chickens, too. :)
Our bees did fairly well over winter. Lost a couple hives that came from captured swarms and didn't get as built up, but most look pretty strong.
Can't wait til our new peeps and piggies come, too.
Your photos are inspiring.

Laura said...

The chicks are so cute. I know that they're food but they can still be cute, right? And yes, this is coming from a city girl!

Gladys said...

I think your boys are practicing to take over Mike Rowe's position on Dirty Jobs. :)

Stephanie in Idaho said...

Okay, my only comment (besides the fact that I LOVE your blog) is that you don't have to be the 'cheapest people around' to be smart. Repurposing perfectly good wood is what we SHOULD be doing... Use what we have, doesn't it make more sense anyway? It's what our grandparents did. I remember hearing the story about when my grandpa built my dad's house (just in the 1970's), and he was mad that the boys (my dad and his brothers) wouldn't pick up the nails that they accidentally bent...hammer them straight...and use them! I always thought that was so funny, I don't think it is such a funny story now. I think it is actually pretty smart.

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