Thursday, July 31, 2008

Father Pop the Priest

Clay's dad came for a visit this week. I was hoping to get a few good pictures of him with the kids. Yeah, the kids, they are not making that easy.

He's a priest. Could someone tell my oldest son to stop hamming around? Geesh!
He almost never takes his collar off. He wore it with bluejeans and sandals to the bowling alley and then to Steak N Shake with all four of his grand kids. Ike? Uh, how about combing your hair and waking up a bit? And Ellen? Are those your pajama pants? Crimenetly, who is the mother of these kids? Uh.....oh, never mind.
My kids call him Pop. He's Father Pop. Seth and Ellen! Quit! I'm trying to take a good picture! Ike, Levi! Look at the garsh darn camera!
I'm constantly forgetting he's a priest and never notice the collar until he takes it off or leaves it at my house and when I find it I don't know what in tarnation the weird white plastic thing on the bookshelf is so I throw it in the trash. Then he calls me wondering where he left his collars and I find myself blurting out, "Oh my gosh! That's what those things were! Aren't they disposable?" Uh, no they aren't. Ooops.
Here's the Priest and the Preacher. Why does Preacher look so miserable? Poor guy I think he's afraid he might get converted.

FYI, I thought you all should know I have the word WORM written on my hand in ink so I won't forget to deworm my cats tomorrow. Classy, I know.

Also, for those of you who were curious about the Christmas letter, you can read it here. Merry Christmas, a little late or early.


Darlene said...

you know your Father n law looks little bit like Kenny Rogers or this actor whose name has left my brain tonight. sorry faught the heat and bugs again today. Hope you have a blessed weekend.

Jennie said...

How ironic, today's the day to deworm our 3 goats. Wish me luck those darn things stand around all day but when you need to get close they suddenly develop lightening fast speed!

Trisha said...

I admire your tenacity with the pictures of your kiddos!

So did you dig the collar out of the trash?

April said...

What is it about young children and their inability to actually LOOK at the camera?

~the other :) said...

Married Priest? What am I missing?

Anonymous said...

Catholic priest?  Huh?

Jules said...

He looks like the priest that married us, wait a dang minute, he is the priest that married us. Ok, no he's not. It just sounded good.
Totally different subject, but I just read The Broom and I again and laughed, again.
That is some funny stuff.
I've recently started blogging myself if you'd like to have a read.

April said...

He's an Episcopal priest. They're the marrying type.

Rhea said...

Doesn't everyone have WORM written on their hand? Really? No? Gosh, I guess you're the only one!

I write important messages on my hand too. We can't get ink poisoning, can we?