Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Damn Dust Bowl

I gotta write this fast because my pigs are out of food and so are the chickens and I also need to get my darn self to a baseball game.  Ah, life it's so full.  Hey!  Aren't you proud of me for not mentioning baseball on this blog?  Consider this your safe haven from all things sports related.  Yes, I love you too and you're welcome.

I'm reading Timothy Eagan's book The Worst Hard Time.  If you ever wanted to know how the Dust Bowl came about Eagan's book is an excellent source.  I keep looking out at the wind swept prairie next to my house amazed that man could do so much harm in such a small amount of time.

Completely unrelated to my reading,  I've taken to saying, "Damn"  about nearly everything in my garden.

Damn corn.
Damn potatoes.
Damn bugs.
I'm no damn farmer!

And it's okay for me to say damn and not feel bad, because it's in the Bible.  Those are my rules.  You are welcome to use them and take credit for them, but really God is the author not me.

So, I gotta run and get some damn cracked corn for my damn pigs and then get to another damn baseball game.

OH!!!  WAIT A GARSH DARN SECOND!  I finished my damn dining room walls!  Yes I did!  Cue the chorus.  I tell you what, it's the most beautiful room in the whole damn house.

Okay, gotta run.  I love the hell outta all of ya.  Damn I'm funny.


Anonymous said...

Well, show us the walls. The other pics you showed us were wonderful. Have fun. Margie

Clay said...

It also says ass in the Bible. But looking back at our conversations over the last few years, I'm guessing you already knew that.

Jenni said...

Hallelujah! Isn't it wonderful to have a finished dining room walls?

I was going to point out that "ass" is in the Bible also, but I see Clay already did. So instead I would like to ask why some of my other favorite words are not in there.

Anonymous said...

You can "damn" any inanimate object because it does not have a least that is what someone told me...

Lori Shaffer said...

Clay is even funnier than you are...well, almost.

Nancy said...

I like your philosophy (about damn, hell, etc). Think I'll try that. Damn, I fell better all ready.