Friday, May 30, 2008

Break it down.....

Yo, sup.  

Er, ahem, sorry...too many teenagers around me.

Okay, so here's whassup around the farm.

1. We named the place Coal Creek Farm, cuz there's a creek behind us named Coal Creek.  I original.  But it was fitting and there ya go.

2. Ellen and all her classmates had a big gathering here last week and I think I may still be recovering.  It was loads of fun and the next day Ellen woke up with her face swollen from poison ivy.  She's on meds now and looks normal except for all the nasty bloody scratches on her arms and legs.  I know of at least one other child that had the same fate.  We really need to learn how to identify that stuff.

3. The pigs aka The Choir aka Tulip and Daisy are stinkin' fun...they do stink a wee-wee-wee bit, yeah.  But they reside behind the barn and we can't see or smell them from the house.  Good planning that was.

4. The chickens are eager to get outside.  The run still is not finished, maybe tomorrow.  Preacher played with one of the chickens a bit too much and well, the congregation has lost a member.  It was a sad day and the Preacher has gone before a committee to be reprimanded.  It was decided we will suspend his pulpit duties for awhile but he can continue visitations with the neighbors and the choir.

5. Have I ever told you our house was originally built for an African American Preacher?  Yup.  His congregation built it for him on 100 acres.  All the families share cropped out here for several generations.   The congregation decided it was safer to have the preacher live outside of town for fear he may be harmed living in town during the uprisings between Missouri and Kansas.  So in honor of the preacher, we have our dog named Preacher and now we have the congregation which looks much like 16, uh I mean, 15 (dumb Preacher) chickens, the choir of two lovely oinking pink ladies and let's not forget our nursery, newly stocked with 5 baby kitties and a committee of caretakers that mew and fret over them.

6. I'm reading a book about Doris Duke.  It's fascinating and a bit disgusting.  I'll post more on that later, maybe.  If you don't know who Doris was, and don't worry I thought she was a movie star, then let me tell you.  Doris Duke, not to be confused with Doris Day, was the heiress to her father's (James Buchanan Duke better known as Buck Duke) tobacco fortune.  She was known as the richest little girl in the world at one point.  Trinity University in Durham changed their name in honor of a $40 million donation in the lat 1920's by Buck Duke.  That would be Duke University, in case you didn't get that bit of info.  It's a great read and I wish my kids would leave me alone long enough so I could finish it.

7. My garden is doing well.  I just planted corn yesterday.  I'm giving myself until June 15th to get more corn and beans planted.  So far I've planted: corn, potatoes (two varieties), all sorts of lettuce, cucumbers, peas sugar and sweet, radishes, beets, carrots, summer squash (or squarsh as Mom calls it) and tomatoes....loads of tomatoes.  Oh, and I have a little volunteer pumpkin patch going back by the cow fence.  God willin' and the creek don't rise I think we'll have a nice harvest.

8. We were blessed with fruit trees and berry bushes on the property.  With the help of Mom and some friends I think we've identified most of them.  We have 1 cherry, 3 peach, maybe 5 pear and 5 apple and 2 remain to be determined, but Mom and a friend have both said they might be some sort of nut trees?????  We'll see.

9.  Two days until NO TV.  I have to say we've weaned ourselves quite a bit already with baseball and the great weather and all the work to be done outside there just isn't time enough to sit and watch.  

10. The porch is open again.  I'm sitting out here typing right now and it's glorious to have as a retreat from the house.  I'd share pictures with you, but I'm working on Clay's computer and well my camera is allllll the way in the house, so you'll just have to use your imagination.

11. We are trudging along in our attempt to become debt free.  Dave Ramsey remains our inspiration.  I'm carrying around little envelopes labeled: grocery, clothes, haircuts, etc. with our budgeted amount of cash in them to pay for everything.  You do not want to be the person in the check out line behind me when I'm searching for the correct amount of change in my envelopes, it's annoying.  Hopefully, I'll get quicker in the months to come.

12.  Okay, that's it.  Enough about me, how ya'll doin'?


cndymkr / jean said...

Poor Ellen! I hope she is feeling better. Preacher needs a time out. Again, I have to give you so much credit for the whole no TV thing. As for the money,my parents always used the money in envelopes system. It really works. Just this year (after 45 years) they stopped doing it. My mom said that they had saved so much money that she could finally shop without a budget and never spend it all. After we picked my dad off the floor, she said she was just kidding.

carol ~ i throw like a girl said...

Hi April,
Loved this post. Several points struck home with me: 1. We live near a place called "Duke Gardens" here in NJ. Do you think that could be any relation to Doris Duke?
2. Way to go with Dave Ramsey! We followed his advice and tore up our credit cards and just that feat alone has given us more money at the end of the month. Am working on a budget now because we wanted to see how much we actually had to work with if we didn't have a credit card bill to pay each month.
3. When we were kids, my dad decided that we were going to raise a pig. He built a pen way out back in our large yard. But the pig escaped (it was still small) and got hit by a car! You should have seen the poor guy that came to our front door and said "Uhm, I think I hit your pig."

Take care!

April said...

Jean- I'm looking forward to not using envelopes, but it's working for us too, so I'll keep hauling around my little envelopes clipped together.

Carol- Yes, the Dukes had a home in NJ, it was considered their 'farm'. It was open to the public, but I think they closed it this year.

I think if someone hit one of our pigs I'd cry......and then heat up the skillet!

Jeremiah29:11 said...

April, you are one funky chick!! I love your blog, and your sense of humor, and... well, all of it!! I really like your no TV in the summer thing. What a great idea. If your kids get half your sense of humor and optimism, they'll be fine. Best wishes on your garden. We've also started one this year. Actually, it would be more accurate to say my husband started it, since he's done all the hard work. I pretty much stood back and gave "advice".
I absolutely loved your post where you were having that little "conversation" with yourself about getting out in the garden. That was a riot, especially since it so closely resembles what goes through my mind most of the time!
Thanks for sharing your life!

Abby said...

i hope no tv month started well today. i was so amused to see you are doing it again this year. i guess amused is the word. awed? impressed? glad it's you and not me? but i keep thinking about it. i think about it year 'round really- "april's family goes a whole month without tv every year. we really should do that." i made my children go all last week without it, but no way i was giving up the lost 2 hour season finale. then again, i wasn't the one who kept fidgeting and talking during church last week. if they can't sit still for an hour during church, how is it that they can consume a good three hours of saturday morning cartoons when unsupervised? it worked too! they were very good today! anyway, nothing is really on these days anyway. i really should just give it up. probably won't, but i should.

i also love your new profile. or at least i haven't noticed it before, your little blurb. it's a good one. well done :) and i just want to say that i love reading your blog and seeing that you are finally where you want to be- being given the desire of your heart and all of that. it is encouraging to me. i have told you that before. but i repeat things. anyway, carry on :)

Egghead said...

My husband and I were reading the comments on this post and when you said that you would cry if someone hit one of your pigs and heat up the skillet I thought he was convulsing. He rarely laughs out loud and this made him laugh. pretty stinking funny!

Nancy said...

So with all those fruit trees, I'm assuming we'll be seeing some Coal Creek preserves later this summer. We used to have apple, pear and cherry trees when I was a girl. My mom made pear honey, applesauce, apple butter and we always had cherries for fresh pies in the dead of winter.

I think we need an update on the no tv thing...

Jessica said...

Terrif post. I don't know where to begin.

Our farm doesn't have a name. I tried to come up with one, and the best I could do was Yellow Barn Farms--which is because... we have yellow barns. Y'all are way more original.

We have got to get ourselves a pig.