Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Computer, Capri's and Countdown to No TV in June

My computer is broken.  So I have wait by the door from the time I wake up until Clay comes home ten hours later.  I now know what a dog goes through being left home alone with nothing to do but stare out the window for his master to return.  By the time Clay gets home I'm ready to pounce on him, rip his bag off his shoulder and get my fix from his computer.  I might even run a few circles around the kitchen island until he yells at me to, "Settle down!"  It's not pretty and neither are the Capri pants I'm wearing.  

For the past three days I've put on decent clothes in the morning only to change into my ugly Capri pants a couple hours later.  Why?  Because I keep thinking I'm going to paint my dining room.  Har har har har!  And so it goes.

Hey!  I did put some time into stapling chicken wire to the chicken run today.  I needed something to help me get through the day.

No TV month is just around the corner.  If I was a really "with it" blogger, I'd make one of those nifty buttons and have everyone stick it up their...uh, wait, I mean stick it on their blogs.  But, I'm not.  So, if you want to join us in turning off the boob-tube..why do people call it a boob-tube?  Just typing boob-tube makes me uncomfortable and blush a bit.  Moving on, if you want to join us then please do. 

Here's our rules.

1.  Turn off the TV
2. Don't turn on the TV
3. Unplug the TV
4. Don't use computer as if it is a TV
5. Don't repair Mom's computer, because she will huddle in the office with four children around her watching Youtube videos and try to rectify that it is educational.
6. Make appointment to repair Mom's computer on July 1st at 0900 hours. 
7. Don't let your children beg to go to a friends house just so they can watch TV.  
8. Computer games are considered TV. 
9. Slap yourself in the face and asks why you torture yourself like this every year to start off the summer?  Answer yourself by kicking your big flabby butt or punching your gelatinous gut.
10. Go outside.  


Coffee Bean said...

For the majority of our marriage (19 1/2 yrs) we have not had our TV connected except for football season. In fact, the first couple of years of our marriage we actually put it back in its box. We now have a big flat screen and the Dish... along with the contract to have the Dish... which means that this will be the first year in all these years that we will have our TV connected all year. We've discovered the Discovery channel.... Myth Busters, World's Deadliest catch, and Dirty Jobs are all recorded on the DVR... so at least we aren't wasting time watching commercials!

Really, it is only hard the first couple of days. Y'all will be used to it before you know it.

cndymkr / jean said...

You are a brave woman. We went two weeks without TV and that was it. I couldn't take it anymore. How are the chickens doing?

Donna said...

A REALLY brave person would give up Internet at the same time she's giving up TV.

Not me; I'm not brave.

Any time my computer crashes or needs repair, my husband goes around telling people, "There's been a death in the family." Because that's how I act without my Internet.

jennifer h said...

Why can't the computer be off at the computer hospital during the "no tv month"? Then, you can pick it up at 0900 hours on July 1.

Anonymous said...

We gave up TV three years ago. I had major Food Network, TLC, and PBS withdrawal. But I would say after a few weeks, that subsided and we have never looked back. It is the best thing we ever did for our kids (we have an 8, 6, 4, and 2yr old). Their creativity and imagination powers are superior to just about any other kids I know. BTW, we homeschool and there are days I pine for a little TV distraction for the kids. We do watch the occasional video. Mama needs a break!!

Alisa said...

I'm not sure I'm man enough to go a whole month with no tv for my kids. Is that even legal? I'm sure it's some form of child abuse/neglect. Does this include the grown-ups once the kids are in bed? Maybe I'll wait to see how it works for you and then I'll try it?

Nancy said...

To use a quote from your sister that she said to me this month.... "Holy Crap! You're acting like your hair color!"