Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tag Sale Finds

Pretty green garland-leafy-wreath thing....$4.00  
2 bouquets of fake berry-stick-leafy things $0.50, I know they're fake and I love real flowers, but I'm also cheap and I like nature- looking stuff and unless I'm growing the flowers,  I usually don't buy fresh flowers to keep in the house for everyday stop judging my fake flower purchases!  They are cute and pretty phlbbbbbt!

Iron candlestick holder $5.00

That's it.  That's all I bought.  I'm still trying not to spend money on needless things, but Clay and I did allow for some fun money this month, so I used a bit of mine at the estate sale, while Clay used a lot of his at the movie theatre.  And there you have the difference between me and him.

I'm going back to the estate sale today.  They mark everything down after 4:00.  Maybe I'll come back with some other great finds.....or not.


Stephanie said...

I love the candle holder...
Wish you good hunting afer 4..

Karen Deborah said...

cool, who said anything about artificial flowers? As long as you don't poke them in the ground in your front yard. I draw the line with the outdoor fakery. that's just too much. But your wreath and other goodies are quite nice. Happy hunting.