Friday, May 02, 2008

Battered and Bruised

How long has it been since I told you a story of how I hurt myself?  Was it the head banging in the basement?  Because I bonked my head down there once this week and the same day I whacked it on a low hanging door in our barn.  Anyway....

Last night I fell down our basement steps.  We were headed to the basement to escape the storm that was pounding our house and since we're still a bit shaken from the last wind storm we were all to eager to get to a safe spot.  

The fall was one of those drawn out moments that I knew I was falling and I was trying desperately to stop my body, but nothing could be done.  Oh, and I was holding Levi the entire time, so the movements of my body were orchestrated around not crushing my son or letting go of him.

At the end of the fall I was sprawled on a damp concrete floor face to face with a little frog.  Seriously, I was lifting my crippled hand and pointing to the frog for the kids to see.  And Levi?  He was standing on a pile of clothes completley unharmed.  

Today I look like I've been beaten.  I bruise so easily that it doesn't take much for me to look battered.  Here's a list of my injuries.

1. Thumb- black and blue
2. Shoulder- hickied
3. Thigh- grotesque color of green and purple
4. Top of foot- green and painful to wear flip-flops
5. Forearm- skinned
6. Palm of hand- impaled by concrete that is still embedded.
7. Wrist- scratched

I can't imagine the flailing and twisting of my limbs that occurred during the fall because my injuries don't make a lick of sense, especially the top of my shoulder and the top of my foot. 
The good news, my face and head are unharmed if you don't count the bruising from the prior head whackings.  The bad news, I am destined to break a hip....any day now.

I was telling one of my new friends about this fall and she asked if my kids were scared to see me get hurt.  I had to laugh and tell her they're used to it.

It's also brought to my attention how much I require the use of my thumb. 

Okay, carry on with your day and be careful out there,  this world is a dangerous place, believe me, I know.


Coffee Bean said...

I think it must have something to do with being so tall because I have the same problem. Just last week I was taking care of our neighbor's cat (who is a horrid wretched hissing menace) and on my way out of their garage I fell in their driveway (uneven pavement). As I was falling I just kept thinking... I'm falling down, how can I be falling down? I actually laid there for awhile and looked up at the sky. I hurt my hand, shoulder, hip and skinned up my knee. I still have a scab and I was wearing jeans. At least you're not a fatty mc fatso like me. I fell HARD. Well, no... that means I have more cushioning. Ugh. Whatever.

Becky said...

Yikes and ouch ouch OUCH. I'm another very tall and very fat person. LOL I fell HARD in February in my driveway (sheet of freakin ICE out there). Luckily I'd just put the baby in his car seat and was leaning into the van trying to finish buckling him in. Feet went right out from under me. Slammed chest first into the van ledge and knees first into the ice. I totally feel your pain. Did you go to the ER, just in case? Hope so.

JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...


I hate to fall. Not only am I fat, but also short. I just don't bounce like I one did. Now it's more of a splat!

Karen Deborah said...

oh my lord, you could've killed yourself. I hope the country doctor checked you out for broken stuff. poor baby, your really goin to be sore!! Thank God your boy is unhurt, whatta MOM!!

noble pig said...

Oh geez, where are the pictures? Sounds horrible. I have fallen down the stairs with kids in hand so many times and they are unscathed where I look like I need an ambulance.

cndymkr / jean said...

You are going to have to rest today. Is that even possible? Have the kids take turns waiting on your every need!

Was there any storm damage? The news said that a number of people were killed but not in Kansas.

Karen Deborah said...

I hope your feeling ok today. Ice your big bumps with frozen peas. Then you may feel better with some heat. Alternating heat and ice helps with soft tisse injuries, which really hurt by the way. I was serious about checking for broken bones especially your wrist. Bless your little heart hunny! Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! How was the weather? I heard on the news that a tornado or a twister hit one side of Lawrence.
Did it hit your side?

Natalie said...

After posting this in March I followed up with a partial rundown of my 'accidents' in this post - I know what you are going through. In 10th grade I was sleeping over at a friend's house and went to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I went into the room that I thought was the bathroom, unfortunately it was the stairs to the basement which I fell down - pretty embarassing since it was a co-ed sleepover (shh, don't tell my mom).
Arnica - homeopathic - gets rid of the bruises.

Ann said...

Please get an X-ray of that thumb.