Saturday, May 17, 2008

laser paint eyeballs

If I had a super power; today it would be laser paint eyeballs.  

Then I could get my dining room painted.  Reload my eyeballs and I'd paint Ellen's furniture.  Reload, paint the boys' room.  Reload, paint the hall,, I dunno, sounds like a lot of work and what if I look like a demon spewing yellow gook out of my face?  Never mind.

Hey!  I went to an estate sale today.  I was totally expecting it to be some dead old ladies crap like most of the sales I go to.  But, NO!  It was in a MANSION by the GOLF COURSE in a section of town called THE MASTERS for crying out loud!  I had to make Levi hold my hand so I wouldn't lose him....that's how stinkin' big the house was.  There were two...TWO sets of stairs going down to the basement and two...TWO full kitchens.  Good gravy.  

Okay, but me, being a bit pessimistic, thinks that if your MANSION that's by the GOLF COURSE in a section of town called THE MASTERS is for sale and you are selling every single item you own in that house, well, me thinks that you maybe should not have been living in a MANSION by the GOLF COURSE in a section of town called THE MASTERS.  But, I could be wrong, maybe you just decided to become a minimalist.


cndymkr / jean said...

So? What did you buy?

Karen Deborah said...

OMG that's exactly what I was thinking; So what did you buy?

Jenni said...

I'll go you one better on the pessimism. Maybe the couple was getting a divorce and had to sell everything so they could split it 50/50. Ooh, that was a depressing thought. Let's try optimism. Maybe they decided they're tired of their materialistic lifestyle and want to sell everything they own and become hippy-like organic farmers in Vermont like this couple I just read about. Selling all their stuff and moving to the country will bring them closer together and they will learn that true happiness doesn't come from all that stuff they used to own. There's a happier thought for you. I like your estate sale finds anyway. Stuff may not be the key to happiness, but sometimes a little somethin' bought at bargain prices can be just the pick me up you need:o)