Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Burrow, Barrow, Barrel

A couple days ago Clay and I were outside working on the chicken coop.  Uh, wait.  I mean, I was watching Clay working on the chicken coop, but I did have on a pair of gloves, so I was prepared to help at a moments notice.

Then this conversation started and we spent the next three days holding our sides trying to overcome the ache from our fit of hysterics.

Me- I'm so glad Dad gave us that old wool berer.

Clay- (turning to me with wide eyes and a stupid grin)  What was that you said?  Wool berrrrrr?  Did you mean wheel barrel?

Me- No!  And it's not a wool barrel.  It's a will burrow.

Clay- Wheel barrel.  Say, wheeeeeel.

Me- Will, wool, woooool.

Clay- No wheeeee, wheeeel.

Me- I'm not saying that and it's not a barrel.  It's a barrow, like the donkey.  You know a barrow.

Clay- I think you mean burrow.  And it's a wheel barrel.  Not wool berrer.  I'll chalk it up to growing up in western Kansas.

Me- Wheel.  See?  I can say it just fine.  I just happen to have an accent, a western Kansas accent.

Clay- Or a speech impediment.

Me- Well, at least I know it's NOT a wheeeeel barrel.  Dummy.

Clay- But, it's certainly NOT a wheel burrow either.

Me- I said barrow and I think that must have come from burrow.  Right?

Clay-  You may have come from a burrow.

Me- You're hilarious.

Clay- Wish you would have thought of that one first, huh?

Me- Maybe.

Clay- (shaking his head, laughing) Wool berrer.  Oh, April, that's a good one.

Then to prove who was right we spent a few minutes googling wheel barrow and wheel barrel and guess who was more correct, despite the speech impediment?


cndymkr / jean said...

Oh boy. I call it a wheel barrel but I just checked and it's a wheel barrow! Who knew?

Anonymous said...

wheel barrow. i (spawn of western ks.) had the same discussion with my minnesota man a few years back. oh those pesky easterners.

carry on april!

Kate from HK

Jenni said...

Dh was born in Wichita and spent a good part of his childhood there, so of course he can't speak properly. We have had this same discussion, except with me screaming "Wheel barrow, WHEEL barrow, wheel BARROW!!!" He usually just laughs and continues to say it wrong. Same thing goes for calling crayons crowns. ARGH! At least we have pretty much done away with warsh and hambooger. However, after being married to a Kansas man and living here for 16 years, I am no longer certain how to say the word Arkansas. I always falter. Ar-kansas, I mean Ar-kan-saw, Er Ar-kansas. I'm so glad the good people of Arkansas City have seen fit to shorten their name to Ark City, giving me one less opportunity to stumble.

April said...

Jenni, you're crackin' me up.

I do say crayon not crown. But I say sill as seal and hill as heel it those darn short i sounds that I struggle with.

The good thing is I no longer say warsh or Eye-talion. And living in St. Louis gave me a good dose of french words to pronounce correctly so I can say Gravois (gruh-voy) and quite a few other fancy-schmancy words.

Jean, I think a lot of people say wheel barrel. And now it's time to stop saying that and say Wheel Barrow.

Natalie said...

When I say it, your blog is called April Shars.
When I'm reading outloud to the kids my accent sounds like Emily Lloyd's in that movie she made in the late 80's (?) with Bruce Willis.
My DH says Arnge instead of the correct way Orange. I pound it into my homeschooled kids heads - crayon NOT crown!

Jessica said...

Totally laughing out loud right now. You rock!