Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dear April

Dearest Darling April,

I want to approach you with a gentle tone, but let me tell you, it is difficult.

Let's talk about your garden.  Did you know that if you don't plant anything in your garden then the only thing you will be picking are weeds?  Yes, it's true.  So, why don't you get off your bodaciousness and get busy?  I don't want to hear the excuses; the rocks, the rain, the sore body from your recent gymnastics exhibition, the paralysis from the overwhelming size of the garden, the uncertainty that you are not planting in the right spot, the need to include all family members in your laborious chores of digging and planting and staring at the dirt and picking out rocks and staring and drooling and then going in the house to read another gardening book, the need to have your husband build more boxes..... do I need to keep going?  No?  You get my point.

So, what are you going to do?

Are you blogging?

Are you?

Get off the *#@!* computer and get busy!

Eating another pita pocket smothered in honey is not the answer.  

You've already had a cup of coffee.

You've already gone to the bathroom.

You don't need to clean the house, it will always be a mess.

Your hair looks fine.

Working in your garden will not make that zit worse, but it might help you stop picking it.

I can see you hiding.  Please go work in your garden.  You know you love it, you know you want to.  You'll feel better after it's done.  All your friends are doing it.  I'll give you a treat if you get those beds filled today.  

Atta girl, there ya go, baby steps, I know it hurts, I know.  Good  girl, go find your gloves.    Now, don't mind me I'm just going to lock the doors after your outside.  

Love and Kisses and Garden Bliss,

Your Psychotic Self


cndymkr / jean said...

Don't forget to take your camera. Get some photos while you're out there.

noble pig said...

Oh lord, my self speaks in the same tone to me to!

Always sweet but with a sense of sarcasm while wearing kit gloves.

I hate the guilt!

Coffee Bean said...

LOL! Happy Mother's Day April.

cndymkr / jean said...

I don't know if you ever read

She has some great advice, photos, recipes and is really helpful. She also has a farm site there she talks about her sheep, cats, dogs, and other animals, plus more recipes.

Karen Deborah said...

your so funny. the mental battle is everything. I go through those contortions for exercise.