Tuesday, May 13, 2008

$29 Pig Pen

Remember when we had that big wind? You know, the giant gust, the microburst, the thing that Seth thought was a tornado and after it hit he rushed his baby brothers to the basement? And when I got home I saw our shed had exploded all over the cornfield, remember that?

Being the resourceful folks that we are, we decided to make a disaster into a, um, um, well, into a pig pen.
The shed had a trough that I think is an old tank of some sort cut in half, so we used that for the pig trough.

Here's some asparagus. We have a lot of asparagus. We did not use it to build the pig pen.

We also have four berry bushes, I think they're blackberry. I put cages that I found in the barn around them so we wouldn't mow over them.....again. We didn't use blackberry bushes to build the pig pen either.

We did use a lot of poles we found and lumber and sheet metal from the exploded shed.
Hey kid, did your mother cut your hair? Is that a homeschool do or what? Good thing you're so cute or people might make fun of ya.

Here's what's left of the shed after we, and by we I really mean Clay, because my contribution to building the pig pen was making suggestions like, "How about you take that pole and use it for one of the corners?" and "Look you don't need to buy hinges because there's a door with hinges behind the barn." and "You look very cute with your tool belt. Keep up with the good work, I'm going inside now." I was immensely helpful.

We still have plenty of lumber left to build something else, like an addition to the house. No? You don't see master bedroom suite laying right there on the ground? Try squinting a bit.

See the door with hinges? Isn't it cute? Well, as cute as an old barn door can be on a pig pen.

So, what cost $29 bucks? Well, amazingly we still didn't have enough of the correct size boards. See all the bright yellow boards? Those are new. $29 new.

The End(s)


cndymkr / jean said...

What a great idea! The door to the pig pen is fantastic. It looks like it belongs there. I think it offers a little piggy privacy too.

Karen Deborah said...

you are so cute, that kind of ingenuity is what has made America a great country. Go for it!

Cynthia said...

pigs are the best animal on the farm.

Trust me

Egghead said...

My favorite part is the end picture and how one of the boys is barefoot. It brings back the good old days. I spent the majority of my childhood barefoot....hence the hooves I have developed now. I still kick off my shoes the minute I hit the door.

I love the pig pen and the door is my fave.

Labrann said...

Today is 8-28-08. We live in Maine and are interested in raising a pig for food. We have 6 kids and number 7 is due on Thanksgiving. I need specific instructions on building an affordable pig pen. We have 16 acres available. There's an old barn on the property that's being used for storage of, well everything. We don't have any other animals currently. If you or someone you know can help, please e-mail me. Labrann@hotmail.com Thanks and God bless you.

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