Sunday, June 01, 2008

Will I regret not finishing this post?

I wrote this entry back in April.  We are busy with VBS this week, so I'm looking at all the stuff I started writing and didn't finish.  You know how I love to start stuff and not finish?  Yeah, well now I'm just going to start pushing the publish button and not give a flip.  Okay, but really, how appropriate is it that I'm telling you about my involvement in VBS and then you read a post about my fantasy horse ride with Sam?  Hmm?  Oh, the life of a sinner.

I watched the movie Taps last night.  How did Tom Cruise become a mega star?  How?  I found him so incredibly irritating in that movie, every time he came on screen I would involuntarily start making my ewwww face.

We're watching movies from the library, you know, because they're free and I can't spend any money.

Last week I watched a western that came out in 1987.  The Quick and The Dead, starring Sam Elliot and Kate Capshaw.  

Um, Sam, he's like, um, ahem, did someone turn the heat up in here?  Anyway, Sam, Sam, Sam and his mustache and his voice.  His gravely cowboy voice.  Sam, take me with you on your horse please.

And if you are feeling sorry for Clay because Sam and I have rode off into the sunset on his horse, well don't, cuz Clay was left behind with Kate in the wagon.  Yeah, we live a life full of reality.


Anonymous said...

Sam, oh, I understand. I love Sam. Margie

Jenni said...

Okay, Sam Elliot is not the sexiest thing to look at, but OH! that voice! Is it wrong to love the Beef Council commercials so much? Is it? Beef, it's whut's fer dinner.

And Tom Cruise? In Taps? I don't remember that. I remember I hated that movie. Yuck. And I remember a really annoying kid. That, hey, looked kinda like Tom Cruise. That's foreshadowing, in hindsight. He did have a good phase. I had a crush on a guy in my class in high school who looked like Tom Cruise but better. Funny, but I can't watch any of his movies that I liked now without finding him just incredibly annoying. The YouTube videos of him are great for a laugh, though.

Karen Deborah said...

Even my husband knows how I feel about Sam. He's just smokin.

cndymkr / jean said...

Wait a minute. You can't have Sam, he's mine. Go find someone else. I love that man. He is so HOT. Did you see the movie Ghost Rider? Swoon. Drool.

Look, you've got the dog, the chickens and the pigs. You have to leave me something! Go find someone to get hot and bothered about.

Natalie said...

oh goodness, Sam Elliot! That voice alone can make my toes curl. I loved how he looked in Mask w/ Cher. He's the reason that The Big Lebowski is one of my favorite movies - he narrates the WHOLE movie.

Never liked that Tom guy except for in Jeremy McGuier.

Jessica said...

I totally love Sam too! Yum!