Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stupid Does

Last night I said..

"You know he's the mouse in Ratatouille"

then my friend said...

"You mean the rat in Ratatouille"

A couple weeks ago I called a repair man to come fix my dishwasher and he said to me....

"Looks like you need to put some rinse aid in here and use better soap."

That little tid bit of info cost me $74.

This is why I'm here people, to make you feel better about yourselves.


carol ~ i throw like a girl said...

Don't feel too bad, April. I once called the repair man because my washing machine wasn't spinning properly and making a funny noise. After taking a very close look at the situation, the repair dude said to me, "Your clothes need to be redistributed so they are balanced properly. That should take care of your problem". Oh, thankyouverymuch, repair dude. LOL!

cndymkr / jean said...

Well at least you are doing your part to keep the economy going. No? Not buying it? Sorry, it's the best I could up with, it's hot here and I'm sweating (gross and disgusting).

jill said...

So what's the soap you've BEEN we can avoid it!?!

I paid $74 once for a repairman to look at my washing machine, only to be told it couldd't be fixed. Fastest money HE ever earned. I thought maytags were supposed to last forever!

Anonymous said...

Once I paid a repairman to come and announce to me that I had a 7 pound lint ball stuck in my dryer!
(so that's what that little vent thingy is for!) :-)


Jenni said...

Well, I thought your title was referring to stupid female deer. What? This isn't a hunting story? No stories about country road hazards? What?

Nancy said...

We went through a spell where our dishwasher wasn't cleaning anything we put in it. Changed to Cascade (I'd been buying the cheaper brands)and it solved the problem. Now I don't buy anything else. Save your money on rinse aid and use white vinegar. I'll give you that info for FREE.

Hooked on Houses said...

I just found your blog via Simmer Till Done and have really enjoyed catching up on a bunch of your posts. You're cracking me up. -Julia :-)

April said...

I used Reeva the cheap stuff from Aldi.

I did use vinegar on occasion, but my model specifically calls for Jet Dry and dang it if it doesn't work better after I started using a combination of Jet Dry, Lemi Shine and Cascade.

So no more being cheap with the dishwasher.