Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gulick Park and Head in a Plastic Bag

This is Gulick Park in Goodland, KS. Nearly all of the big trees that covered the park when I was young died and were cut down. If you want to play on the new equipment in the blazing heat of summer remember to warn the kids to check the temperature of the slide before they scorch their legs sliding down it. Uh, do this before you're son screams his way down the slide in agony.

I remember riding this turtle and duck many a day. There used to be a hippopotamus that was my favorite, but I think the sproing was gone from his sproinger. Uh, don't let the kids ride these in the heat either or they will be permanently welded to the balding turtle.
I think I know why we were the only people at the park. It's um, well, uh, not very fun.

Stay tuned to find out why I'm showing you a picture of a blue guy's head in a bag.


Mrs.C said...

My mother lives a block away from that park, on main street. Quick sneak over tonight and ring the big ole dinner bell in her back yard.

Hmmm is the post mistress Teri, 'cause she lives across the street from my mother?

I too remember Gulick as being full of trees. In my mind it is always shady, then I go back and whammy.

Hope you get to visit Reynaldos while you are there. Yum.

You were half a block away from two of the coolest letterboxes in the state of Kansas.

Does KLOE still play 'candlelight and silver' after 7pm?

My daughter still marvels over the lack of water in the state lake!

When I took her to Mt. Sunflower as a child she said, "Is this the bottom or the top?"

Mrs. C

Jessica said...

Thanks for the laughter. I certainly needed it after all the whining that was my day!